Million$Massage by Tiggy Mills

Lenny and Violet get married far too young and in fact ignore the many prescient warnings proffered, because out of real concern everyone tells them so.

However Violet especially does not wish to listen because her husband to be is very much the heartthrob and handsome star at the local college they go to and she feels sure that the young innocent love they share will last forever and a day.

But it does not take long for the virgin bride to realise that the harsh realities of a shared life are not the expected bed of roses and she also sadly discovers that along with the financial hardships, that hits home with brutal force, her new husband is not the mature, sensitive or refined man she thought.

In fact, Violet finds out on their honeymoon night that their sexual relationship is already a nightmare along with the subsequent realisation that Lenny continues selfishly with his former carefree singleton existence in spite of the new responsibilities to his lovely wife

In truth however they are just another insignificant or anonymous couple with relationship troubles or little future and there would be no debased erotic story apart from the intriguing fact that – through Lenny’s perverse and greedy nature – he secretly enters both him and his slender gorgeous new partner into a show called Million$Massage which is very much already a sordid internet sensation.

All any fragrant faithful wife has to do to win the fabulous fortune on offer is to resist the unspeakable filthy sexual advances of the predatory black virile legend of the programme called Zane and return untouched back to her watching husband after the extended seductive massage has ended.

It all sounds wonderfully easy to the naïve duo and there is so much money simply waiting to be plucked but – as always – the path to gain or glory is pitted with devious or sometimes deviant pitfalls and sadly for our newlyweds there is an inexorable slide then unfortunate plummet down a salacious and sexual abyss which is sensually unbelievable then equally tension-filled but ultimately fully memorable.

In the end, the vital teasing pertinent Million$Question is; will Lenny grab the cash while his pure wife retains her womanly honour and virtue?

If you wish to find out from Lenny’s and Violet’s specific dissolute point of view then read on and enter within the sullied world detailed by the decadent pen of renowned Tiggy Mills who once more charts a sleazy graphic course through interracial depravity or sexual debauchery that no one could possibly envisage or expect except those – like our famous author – with the most twisted primal imaginations possible.



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