It’s All Gone Totally PC

Sometimes the entire universe changes and you don’t realise or recognise that it has; because suddenly in the modern political environment a misspoken word or unguarded action catches you unaware and proves to be utterly disastrous.

So it turns out for Eddie, a mild mannered football coach who feels he is a fair-minded or tolerant man towards all creeds or races without recognising that secretly but sadly part of him is still resentful to black predatory males that previously seduced, spoiled then fouled his first wife and ruined the marriage beyond repair.

He bravely sees this unfortunate personal history merely as a small chip on his shoulder or simply a minor cross to bear and sanguinely makes a new start at a southern college that leads to a fresh life then an apparently sweet pure similarly-minded wife who has a pretty daughter at the campus as well.

Fortuitously Darcy equally shares his dislike or distaste of casual sex or predatory black males and at her request Eddie warns-off a dark suitor for Jenny – who is part of his squad – but unintentionally by doing so sets into motion such earth-shattering events that tragically reveals the new cruel liberal world he is now involved with, in all its merciless power and devilish unyielding hunger for revenge.

Both Eddie – on threat of dismissal – and his spouse are subsequently obligated to enter strict social adjustment or depraved re-education and have to grow to accept then fully understand that in this brave new world of politically correct apparent Nirvana, white women have to willingly surrender all of themselves both body and soul to help pay for the many sins of the past.

An integral part of this new order is for black men to impregnate as many creamy or milky skinned females as possible with the full agreement and consent of watching husbands or boyfriends simply to rebalance what has grown to be recognised as an unjust society that desperately needs to be changed.

This our couple are forced to so do – reluctantly at first – before both Eddie and his increasingly sensual, hormonally released wife realise that perhaps unexpectedly there is more to this unanticipated possibly enlightened revolution than they ever expected.

A slow developing inexorable slide into sexual mayhem, cuckoldry, submission and depravity ensues which is laid out in delicious dirty detail by acclaimed erotic author Tiggy Mills.

She patiently if not poignantly sets the scene before revealing then describing the tawdry but sumptuously graphic and erotic tale, as only she can.

Be warned that this is a sexual story perhaps way too uncomfortably relevant to the modern day and so full of libidinous mischief or mayhem it will surely make your filthy head explode!

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