My Japanese Letcher Tour

It’s the usual tale of an empty marriage gone wrong that’s both parties’ fault yet in some ways no one is really to blame. A critical tipping point is reached before at long last a mixed-up, middle-aged but still fragrant blonde Flora is driven to act impulsively because, on a whim, she travels to the far side of the world to escape from her older husband Mel – who had been overly dominant and difficult in equal measure since they first met when she was a student – and her stale, vacuous life. Our heroine is understandably fearful, but after being sexually repressed and inhibited for too many long years she quickly finds the mysterious, mercurial Japanese culture intriguing if not seductive and becomes increasingly embroiled in sensual, enticing Oriental escapades. There are many written journeys of feminine adventure or provocative enlightenment, but few where the older woman involved becomes erotically altered so emotionally, physically and absolutely.
Number 1 best selling Emilia Blythe provides another evocative and sexually charged tale that graphically, filthily reveals what goes on beneath the enigmatic, inscrutable surface of modern Japan when a beautiful mature woman is hell-bent on an irresistible voyage of steamy self-discovery.

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