A Natural Talent – Tiggy Mills

Peter is a very ordinary young man, viagra 100mg who had an extraordinary natural talent.
Through a combination of fate and unexpected circumstance he discovered an exceptional, about it unheralded, innate ability. This was a capacity to please women – to make them experience sexual pleasure and release with his clever, skilful tongue.
But so far his forays into the world of relationships have always been a one sided affairs. Now at University he vows that this will change and his oral abilities will be suppressed and hidden away, and he will be the true stud he had always imagined himself to be. But that is until he meets the irresistible, delectable, blonde Brooke, and then he quickly uses every asset he has to impress and win her. From the very first meeting however he is immediately well out of his depth, but rather than swim to shore to sensibly escape, he just slides deeper into female whims, wiles and eventually into treacherous, interracial, hot water.
Tiggy Mills demonstrates in her own twisted and diabolical way that sometimes a genius to give satisfaction is too difficult to mask and conceal; it is ultimately a gift that is destined for all to share however much Peter tries to deny it and whatever the true, eventual cost is to his body and soul!



Incredibly but honestly I had loved Brooke, pretty much from the first time I saw her at University.

She was so, indescribably beautiful; strikingly tall and blonde with rich, dazzling green eyes and a firm, youthful, supple body to die for.

I was studying law and she was into journalism or something like that, with aspirations of being involved in the media I had heard; she would have undoubtedly made it into a normal job if our relationship then marriage had not subsequently and miraculously intervened.

Even now it seemed so incredible that she agreed to be my wife, given that she was so sensational looking and I was so ordinary, but sometimes in life you take a chance and I did with her, and from that point my life and eventually hers changed completely.

Rumours always abounded campus like STD’s and someone unknown told me that Brooke had been heard relating and confiding to her equally pretty friends, that if a man could make her climax while not wanting penetrative sex with her, she would marry them!

Puerile and stupid nonsense of course but privately and perversely my one party trick and special talent, other than being part of a wealthy family, which was also always a good in with girls, was I knew how to go down on them.

To be precise, I had somehow unbelievably learned to give and provide exceptional, oral sex; I could offer orgasmic Head, for want of a better description, and had done so frequently to various dirty, licentious, lascivious women!

This education came initially from the au pairs that still looked after me through to my late teens, as my mother and father were forever too busy to give me the time, attention and care I really required.

These devilish, foreign girls constantly needed sexual relief as our sprawling and secluded house was somewhat cut off from local life and once the first girl, Leyla taught me what to do to relieve her, each subsequent young lady that came along was informed by the one leaving, of my developing skills then requested and required the same, servile, oral service from me.

I found out early on in my years that it seemed all females at whatever age loved to gossip and talk and somehow various local girls around my hometown found out about my special talent; soon they all wanted a cheap thrill with my busy, experienced tongue, without the possibility of pregnancy or being branded a Slut!

I was therefore in demand and spent copious amounts of time between various girls’ thighs and legs bringing them to acute, tremulous and various degrees of ecstasy with my ever more experienced and skilled, wet tongue and mouth.

It turned out that I was gifted, a natural and mostly eager at this slippery, tantalising, tactile game of life and became very popular and sought after with the fairer, but often unfair sex!

In all truth with all the orgasms I gave to girls, I never lost my virginity as I was not predatory and none of the selfish young ladies really fancied me and did not offer such a special treat in return for my services.

It seemed inequitable to me but I never questioned such delicate matters!

Now I was at university I buried and hid this questionable aptitude, as I longed to be laid more than I could possibly, reasonably explain and wanted to change to pattern of my previous, unfulfilling social life.

However with Brooke I instantly sensed things were different; I could literally feel it in my bones and I decided that if by exposing my particular, hidden skills helped me with her then I felt it was a chance well worth taking.

What did Kipling say about risking it all and then you’ll be a man?

Well I never did actually like Kipling’s prose much anyway but it seemed like a tremendously good idea at the time.

I had dwelt and thought about it constantly for a few weeks but was unsure how to broach such a personal matter with her and then by sheer, questionable fortune we were both at the same Frat party.

I was suddenly, unexpectedly and anxiously sitting beside her on the swing seat of the front porch as she was relaxing and catching her breath away from the drunken, debauchery and mayhem inside.

She was dressed in a mini, white, pleated, cheerleader skirt; a tight, white sweater top with USA embossed on it in red and seemed very happy, slightly inebriated and somewhat merry.

I drew in my breath and courage and nervously began my introduction and courtship with her.


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