Army Games – Tiggy Mills

A story which is much, much more than simple kindle erotica. It is a new age, perhaps the aftermath of the failed so-called, New World Order. There are no countries any more, just continents, North, South, East and West. The only constant is the threat and prospect imminent war. Economies are crumbling and this fact seduces more and more young men and women to enlist. The demand for soldiers is insatiable and the lure of regular money with free accommodation tempts and induces people to give up normality (and, in fact, even morality).
Beautiful voluptuous, blonde, Fleur and her husband, Leigh reluctantly sign up as a married couple knowing full well that any marital fidelity between them will be removed and that they are to be singles in a new Army experiment in practicality and physical openness. This is namely, mixed-gender platoons and squads where anything goes and is sexually acceptable; in this Army the winners always take all. This decadent or depraved idea seems to be the modern way, where every need, taste or sullied fetish can be provided for, in-house or barracks of course! The new recruits think maybe this is just a short trial or an innocent, harmless game but real Army life is rugged, raw and places sexual demands and obligations on the couple that changes their narrow, naive world, fragile intimacy and marriage completely.
A tale by the bestselling, Tiggy Mills, that is humorous, insightful, thought provoking and of course written in her normal sexually provocative, explicit, explosive and libidinous style. A treat!

Sexy young woman wearing part of an American soldiers uniform camo pants


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