Couple’s Retreat – An X Chromosome Story

Perhaps Las Vegas is not a wise place to wed, information pills especially when you own a bar and are too partial to enjoying the available easy girls that abound in risqué outfits. That’s how life is for young self-absorbed Alec but his selfish actions are causing the marriage to equally juvenile, ambulance pretty Stacey – who unwisely still works for him – to break down as she is already tired of his womanising ways. In a last-gasp effort to solve their problems they attend the mercurially advertised Couples Retreat high in the nearby mountains which promises to help them see things from the other’s perspective. But this is not as either party expects because this unusual clinic adopts a surreal policy where the men are obliged to wear female attire and even the heady air has special powers of womanly peace so the normal stress or frisson between the genders is nullified to enable calmer communication. All seems fairly innocent at first but inevitably Alec succumbs and is seduced more and more to his softer side, exploring deeper into this mysterious place and his hidden, inner femininity, until the final door into the very centre of this unique transforming conundrum has to be opened and from this point there is no way back to the questionable, faithless male he used to be.

Number 1 bestselling author Daisy Boon explores once more in her own unique, dangerously explicit, detailed style, the subtly salacious desires and eternal difference of the genders. We are in truth far more alike than we think!
Often the choice between domination or submission, sex and sensuality and all that entails linking the primitive and emotional needs of man and a woman, is a singular but tantalising X chromosome.

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