Magical Molly: Sensual, Sexual & Supernatural

The ancient magical world is broken and fading almost beyond the point of salvation; its members being corrupted by generation after generation mingling with the mortal universe over many centuries until only the merest traces of the once revered mystical families and their mythical powers remain.
But even in its death throes subversive, criminal minds still exist that seek advantage, and a terrible spell between the two differing enchanted points on the compass has been tragically miscast causing the lives of every female – whatever their age – from the South to be brutally extinguished.
Their kinfolk invade seeking terrible revenge and retribution, they conquer the Northern lands, enslaving the women of age and mystically transforming the few surviving men into young half-girls to serve the sullied needs of the many Southern men that no longer have female company to meet their lewd, sordid, primal demands and foul requirements.
Domination and debauchery abound because the females of the North are truly beauteous but equally helpless while the brutish men of the South appear seductively dark, devilish and rapacious in their arrogance, sexual addiction or sullied depravity.
The fertile or maturing, soon to be impregnated women are utterly overwhelmed and claimed by the elite of the victorious black males who swiftly take the most alluring feminine prizes for themselves while the comely young girls or half-girls are duly sent off to the legendary Magical Castle High School to be trained to service their dark betters in due course.
There seemed no escape for both the defeated men, girls and women of the North, as anyone that wished to remain in the paranormal world needs to comply completely with this new intransigent regime or leave never to return, although beneath the surface appearances or reputations are sometimes never quite as simple as they seem to be.
Initially, however, without exception, a whole race is sensually and physically subjugated to their black Masters who have already killed or altered the men and boys into half-females and are now sexually feasting on the actual grown women or former wives who can only acquiesce then dutifully, filthily perform whatever is rudely demanded of them.
Leading established erotic author Daisy Boon is proud to present Magical Molly in her own distinct, erotic and detailed style.
Will the gorgeous, growing, blonde Molly suffer along with her family and peers or perhaps improbably become the hero and heroine of the hour that has to quickly mature, transform then bravely find her way through unimaginable mystical and often depraved adventures to somehow sensually, decadently, surreptitiously and supernaturally save the day?

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