Like Father, Like Son – Daisy Boon

Can we ever escape the way we were meant to be?
Who were are and grow to be, drugs is sometimes thought to be preordained at birth – although there is always a philosophical argument about nurture and nature. However, patient it seems that our sexual inclinations and compulsions are always beyond our ability to control and however much we try to fight or try to avoid them, in the end our genetic make-up and desires overpower us all!
This is a story of Andrew, his journey from a fragile, unloved, unwanted boy to the fulfilment of his emasculated, mature destiny. He tries with all his will to vainly battle and tread upon the heterosexual road, in spite of many initial temptations that he feels obliged to follow. Even marrying the beautiful, posh, delicate, fragrant, blonde haired Felicity…but somehow fate always conspires against the young man and constantly returns him to his inevitable, feminised path.
10799542_l (3)ccccccAn intricate, complex telling from the bestselling hand of Daisy Boon that reveals it is almost, impossible to escape from the inherent, sometimes inherited way in which we were truly meant and made to be! An emotionally, hormonally, sexually charged indulgence and diabolical delight of a story!


I had a strange upbringing right from the start; I was an only child and as far back as I could remember my mother and father were always arguing and never getting on that well.

They seemed to love me, each in there own particular, peculiar way but it was as if they hardly had enough time for me and, as I was their only child, I was something of a solitary, separated, little boy.

They split up when I was around 12 years of age and my mother, who was always attractive as I remember, with her long, blonde hair and slim figure, brought her new black boyfriend into our small, untidy, basic flat and home and from then on he pretty much ran it.

He didn’t have much to do with me other than give me a clip around the ear occasionally if I ever said anything out of line, but my mother seemed to like him enormously, and also some of his dark skinned friends that came around occasionally to drink or stay the night.

I must have developed my dislike of black people from this experience as I just could perhaps understandably not tolerate them, and only tried to avoid or keep out of their way as much as I possibly could.

My father was unemployed, had very little money so he could not afford me to stay with him and all I could do was manage the best I could.

I found getting though school was not easy, as I always sensed that I was more than a little different from my far stronger, more energetic and sociable peers.

My male parent eventually found a job out of town and moved away after a year or so, and I only saw or heard from him sporadically or very occasionally.

On one of these odd phone calls I was given to understand that he had now seemingly met a new younger woman in his life, who he told me he liked and that she was pretty and, although he intimated that she was a somewhat formidable and fierce lady, he patently adored her nevertheless.

However I never thought much about it until one weekend when just after my 15th birthday; I was invited to her house which was around about 100 miles from where I still lived, on the outskirts of London.

To be honest I was extremely grateful to escape from my mother, and her endless stream of black boyfriends for a while, as the original but not particularly special one, had departed some time previously.

I caught the late train on a Friday afternoon and found my own way to her home by bus, which was just an old semi detached residence in a reasonable area, but it was still luxurious when it was compared to my own humble accommodation and place in the world.

I was met by my father when I first arrived, and then taken into the lounge where I waited nervously on the settee.

My estranged parent was busy setting the table for dinner and he looked clean, well presented in tight jeans and a T shirt and apparently happy; he was very much like me in build as we were slight, small, thin boned and unusually, quite petite.

His girlfriend then came in like a substantial, female explosion of energy and immediately made an impact; she was a blonde woman with a strong, rotund physique, had large, protruding breasts, a beaming smile, grey dancing eyes and she shook and grasped my hand firmly.

“So you’re Andrew, I’m Helen…pleased to meet you…you are a Sweet Boy….like your Dad…no doubt!”

I flushed and she laughed and I then held my breath as a young girl came jauntily into the room to also join us.

She was utterly gorgeous, slightly taller than me, with short, resplendent, blonde hair, a slim, elegant body, was wearing a white shirt with a multi coloured tie, black tights and the shortest black, school skirt I had ever seen.

The older woman introduced us immediately and she addressed both me and the girl together.

“This is my daughter, Sonia, she’s a year younger than you, Andrew…say ‘hello’ to him, Darling!”

The young lady stared at me, then through me, disapprovingly, and was immediately, outrageously, unbelievably rude.

“He smells, Mum…and look at his horrid, disgusting, foul clothes!”

Her mother then inspected me as if I was a base, foul, dog; sniffed my, rank, dirty hair and shook her head sadly and with purpose.

“My, yes…you are somewhat of a mess, Andrew…OK, a bath for you, Dear… then we’ll change you out of those unfortunate items, covering you.”

I was so mortified and made an embarrassed confession that only demonstrated how unfit I was for normal social interaction.

“I’m sorry… but as I was only staying for a night or so I only brought…”

I felt so utterly stupid.

“…What I have on!”

She looked utterly shocked but then smiled happily as if I was just a minor, annoyance or irritation that she could manage so easily.

“OK, no problem…we have plenty of clothes here…”

She focussed intently on her pretty daughter.

“…Show Andrew upstairs and run the bath full for him…”

Her attention then returned back to me.

“…Go and get in the water, Andrew…I’ll be up in a minute!”


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