Venus in Nylon

Tantalus-Press is proud to present, a Venus in Furs for the 21st Century from the pen of bestselling Daisy Boon!

Venus in Furs, written way back in the 1800 was the inspiration and perhaps the template for masochism; but now so many years later is it still relevant? His tale spoke of a faded time when whips or chains and brutality mixed with sensual, evocative furs could make the reader’s blood run in demonstration of woman’s domination. However today mere brute force is often just considered passé, fur is so unacceptable and female ascendance an obvious fact of life. The woman is often better educated and more superior than ever before. But how does that affect her relationship with any mere man or potential suitor.

Hunter, with his perverse fetish for nylon and the beauteous but wicked and promiscuous Delilah, in this story are products of the modern, enlightened age. She is clever and intellectual, about to study psychology, and he, wealthy, weak and enfeebled from the beginning in her presence. Does she come to dominate and rule him? Of course, but a contemporary, wily female has no need of force to achieve such aims. She can be callous, barbaric or cruel in countless ways in the enslavement of a man. This is whether he be pathetic or not. As to a clever, intuitive woman who knows how to cast her tender net and use her intimate wiles or gifts of splendour to advantage – and comely women always do – it makes little difference as most if not all males are helpless before her.

She can achieve this, as is shown in this book, by the simple but sly use of her devious, feminine mind – all without striking a single, physical blow and the saying, “God had delivered us into the hands of a woman,” is proven to be never so true.
A truly remarkable, sexually candid book from the devilish mind of bestselling Daisy Boon, as Tantalus Press proudly presents a modern story or study in the twists and turns of the eternal battle between the sexes and how over the centuries everything has altered absolutely…but then…perhaps less than we think? For by the very ingrained nature or instincts of men and women this struggle for supremacy is always basely or basically the same and perhaps it’s only the names and times that actually, truly change.

venus in furs

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