A Little Problem – Daisy Boon

Justin knew he was emotionally and physically very different from the boys he grew up with and although the young man consistently tried to hide his obvious lack of masculinity, with regard to showers and sports at school etc, it was not easy childhood. He had always possessed a secret, inherent penchant or curiosity for all things female and had privately craved the touch or feel of feminine clothing on his fair skin for as long as he could remember. It was a deeply private and buried craving that he tried to suppress but shamefully for him the desire to put on his sister’s knickers constantly overwhelmed his rational mind and Justin was understandably humiliated and disgraced when he was eventually discovered then confronted with the stains and sullied proof of his foul actions. His mother initially tried to understand and help him then get to the bottom of his possible dilemma or fetish but no one actually thought it was that unusual for a young boy to like girly things or the allure of seductive materials as they were growing up. It was seen by most merely as a passing inconvenience that many juvenile, hormonal boys went through regarding puberty but, as things turned out, Justin’s little problem turned out to be much bigger, insidious and more complicated or surprising than anyone actually realised.

Daisy Boon once again teasingly enters the world of Trans or mixed gender sexuality and adventure as she relates an intimate, explicit and graphic tale of a young man’s often tortuous journey towards his ultimate, incredible, sensual destiny.



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