Losing a Friend…Gaining a Stepmum…

Close relationships between highly-strung girls can be very hard to build but too easy to break into a million irreparable pieces. Especially when an old school friend has suddenly and unexpectedly taken up with your lonely, view rich, only remaining parent. This is the case for Emmiline regarding her former pal Jemima; these are privileged young women from the highest echelons and class of society who have tasted only the best things life has to offer. But Jemima has recently, tragically lost her own wealth…meaning envy and suspicion abound inside Emmy’s fertile mind. She wonders if her former friend’s intentions towards her father are scarily mercenary, and so she is determined to rid the family of this unwelcome, penniless blight. Her main advantage in this cunning quest is that she knows her old companion intimately well – as each understands the others shared, but secret, sexual weakness for strong, black men – and concocts a dark or devilish plot to destroy her Daddy’s foolish if not completely unacceptable, blossoming romance.
It seems a simple scheme but this is another mouth-watering, steamy story from best selling Tiggy Mills and nothing is quite as expected or appears; because within every character there are hidden secrets and filthy fetishes resulting in duplicity or sexual perversity that is enticingly played out on every graphic line then turned page of the tawdry tale.
Told from two, subtly different salacious perspectives of each of the devious and impossibly promiscuous, emerging women; this is Tiggy Mills at her interracial and libidinous best.


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