Losing Laney

They say the path of true love never runs smoothly and forever this rare gift is decidedly unpredictable. This proves to be the case for sweet sublime Laney who has held a secret spark for Dean since adolescence but the small difference in their ages at school meant her girlish dreamboat never actually saw her in that way at all.

But life moves on and Dean becomes a reputed Player or Wheeler Dealer in the big City where by chance Laney needs a job and a place to stay, making the opportunity for the rekindling of a flickering starry romance to be reborn almost by chance or destiny.

However, fate is often fickle and at first Dean is too selfish or busy chasing money along with his nefarious business interests to realise Laney wants to chase and capture him before each takes separate twisted perverse paths to merely provoke the other to their own ends which quickly then spirals out of control and subversively leads them both into complex emotional waters.

Our famous author spins her intricate detailed web of sexual intrigue from both seedy sides of a tawdry tortuous tale which shows how in a possible relationship people see things – that appear to be the same – entirely differently.

In the end – through and after all of the debauched goings on along the way – satisfaction, justice and possible true love just may be found but being a notorious Tiggy Mills’ tale…of course not ever in the way the reader would expect it.

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