Marley’s ANGELS – Tiggy Mills

Once, there were three, daring, adventurous little girls who gradually grew up to become beautiful and extremely capable FBI Agents.
However, the secretive, dangerous world they now inhabit is frustratingly, annoyingly misogynistic and the young women quickly leave this specialist but slanted organisation to form their own, female-only security operation but sadly, even with this extreme solution, they are still seen as pretty decoration and mere, useless, sexual objects or ornaments meaning work is sparse and always badly paid.
This unfair often prejudiced attitude against their gender affects them all, especially the blonde-haired leader, Adrianne, who unfortunately develops an inherent dislike of all men in general that have always treated her with such disdain or disrespect.
She subsequently, understandably, now insists her Angels – as she likes to call this small struggling company of two other fearless female companions – also keep a safe distance and have a certain disregard for the disruptive male of the species.
The personal or working lives of the comely girls is therefore something of a constant struggle and then things become incalculably worse when Joanne, the youngest and most innocent of the group, is kidnapped and captured in darkest Africa and the other Angels are forced to slip into highly-trained gear to provide the necessary courageous rescue.
But, as it turns out, this is a salacious Tiggy Mills tale where events are never exactly as they appear to be and this prickly mission is not quite as it seems; nor is the dark, muscular, supposed black villain, Marley, who quickly casts his own special, subversive, sensual influence over these skilled but generally sexually naïve although definitely energetic women.
Almost by accident events are surely set in motion that swiftly change everyone’s frantic but unsatisfying lives completely and the girls become impossibly entwined in sexual intrigue, deception and depravity that takes them on an emotional and physical journey that is almost beyond their wildest fantasies or darkest, filthiest dreams.
As with their chosen profession of spying, security or covert intelligence, these outstandingly beautiful females are forced to learn or accept – reluctantly at first – that being immoral or unethical and playing the dirtiest, most duplicitous game possible is sometimes the only way to win and achieve the all-round private and professional success, as a most feminine team, they truly desire and crave.
An erotically charged and graphically described not to be missed story that is crackling with subterfuge, falsity, intrigue and interracial, libidinous, cuckolding sexual exploits at their most outrageous best!


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