Me and Mrs Jones

Sometimes an adolescent experience or crush can haunt you emotionally even if you don’t quite realise it has.
This seems certainly to be the case with regard to young Jimmy who in his youth spends an unforgettable tortuous six months doing menial work under the perverse, dominant often sadistic thumb of the fearsome but forever fragrant Mrs Blaze Jones.
The boy that was never forgets this debasement, humiliation or cruelty – at a most sensually, sexually vulnerable time of his juvenile male life – at her evil hands and subconsciously longs for retribution or some necessary sense of equity or fairness.
Now fully grown up, successful, but still seemingly forever unfulfilled, he returns almost by chance to his old hometown at a crossroads in his life and – as if fate plays its veiled hand – unexpectedly finds this mercurial Mrs Jones in some patent misfortune and that the financial and general status between them has altered beyond measure.
An opportunity is then purposely taken by Jimmy to teach this faded, mature but still comely woman a lesson she will never forget and perhaps balance the books or ghosts of the distant deviant past, although not fully recognising that real justice is a double-edged sword and often matters or relationships are not as they seem.
Best selling Emilia Blythe spins another elaborate, deliciously illicit yarn – from two distinct perspectives – about sexual decadence or libidinous subterfuge and that true revenge is always better served cold; because when the blood is up and pumping what chance has the naïve younger male of the species got against the age and experience of a beautiful but eternally wicked older woman!


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