My Wife’s Despotic BOSS

Often couples marry simply because they get on well from their earliest times together and mistake companionship or compatibility for love.

In unfortunate truth many get committed young, almost before they are formed physically and sensually, therefore remain ignorant of inherent developing sexual instincts or penchants because such delicate matters often need experience that is only gained from a show of courage in entering the outside social world to make mistakes.
Ross and his new wife Marie follow this well-trodden but perilous path to find a relationship brick wall at the very beginning of it; because without question their shiny new marriage and vows of fidelity dissolve into nothingness when they hit the buffers – initially against unexpected sullied secret inclinations from Ross – and the realisation that when poverty arrives at the door young love especially flies directly out of the window.

Before he appreciates what has happened, our conflicted hero finds his estranged childhood sweetheart has started a passionate affair with a comely but odious new female boss who traumatically treats Marie badly right before his envious troubled eyes, although he is entirely too enfeebled and helpless to stop her.
But worse than that, this powerful wealthy woman seems to know all about Ross’s apparently harmless little habits of sneakily wearing his wife’s tactile underwear and clothes then subsequently proceeds to undermine or even question his delicate and debatable manhood from their first tension-filled meeting

Without question for him it becomes an unbearable situation soon made worse by fate or circumstances, as very slyly the manipulative female takes control before slowly – if not teasingly – she leads the Ross towards a feminised rabbit hole just to see if he wants to jump inside to find something fancy and flouncy to wear, then explore his deepest hidden fluffy, perhaps fetid fantasies, to discover if he likes them better than what he has as a questionable man.
An erotic saga ensues about the frustrated wife and the feminine curiosity or female calling of her uncertain confounded husband when both become under the will or whip of a stern hectoring, dominating mistress who seems to know what Marie and Ross, in particular, craves long before they do. 

Best-selling author Daisy Boon takes us all on another tawdry, tortuous and dissolute confused gender tale of sensual then sexual discovery with depravity, perversion and even an unexpected trace of romance, all mixed decadently together and – as always – providing the most diabolically entertaining twist along the wicked way.

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