My Wife’s Wicked Sister

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when we are young and trying to make our way in the confusing social universe that is opening-up for us.
For a starry-eyed boy to fall under the evocative spell of a slightly older but far more experienced girl who has wicked and depraved intentions is understandable, but then to flee and go back for more when he fully knows the mucky score is frankly unforgivable.
The saying, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” never rung so true.
Joshua, the fragile subject of this subterfuge, becomes infatuated with beauteous dark-haired Jenna who quickly also brings him under the powerful influence of her manipulative mother.
The only light in the shadowy female-dominated environment seems to be the sweet unsullied sister Petal; a sublime, innocent, golden-haired teenager who stoically takes it upon herself to try to save Joshua from himself, along with the worrisome but obvious developing urges for submission and destabilising appreciation of his feminine side that have unfortunately taken hold.
Or is she truly setting him free?
An ill-advised marriage ensues with inevitable calamitous results eventually meaning a continuation of debauchery and perversion for all involved, which is laid out in tawdry tacky detail by infamous best-selling Tiggy Mills, who filthily stirs the literary sexual pot until it begins to sensually crackle and sizzle in latent decadent heat.
Will Joshua ultimately find a way out of his predicament and a less twisted road back to manhood or shall this sullied sinful family of wilful women turn him into a servile feminised addition to their subversive collective?
A terrible fate may lay in store for immature, uncertain Joshua or – on reflection – perhaps that questionable destiny is what he deserves and secretly craves; even when he does not realise or recognise such a dissolute fact at all.
Read on and let renown Tiggy Mills tortuously weave or spin her intricate, winding, illicit tale as only she can then surely shock, confound and sensually arouse you in the delectably deviant process as always.

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