Ultimate Voyeur

Life can be a card game that sometimes serves up a poor if not unplayable hand. So it is for Tom who has just turned eighteen, has lost his mother when only a child, been deserted by his father years before, which leaves him alone in a home with his hateful stepmother and stepsister. Without a doubt they dislike him as much as he detests them. Then, nubile, mysterious, Sabrina Duncan moves into the old, rambling house down the road and her heavenly looks combined with the provocative black clothing she wears almost as a uniform, makes an immediate impact on the impressionable young man. It is an innocent association at first although Tom secretly has a dirty penchant or voyeuristic proclivity for looking or surreptitiously leering at pretty girls. Unknown to him though, young Sabrina has powers far more than just that unnatural ability to attract seemingly whoever takes her fancy and the aforementioned Tom’s life is soon altered or changed forever beyond comprehension, logic or even rational comprehension

Much respected erotic writer, Tiggy Mills weaves a magical, tantalising tale of voyeuristic compulsion that will tease or torment you then leave you mystified, confused and suspended in belief until the very end.

interracial sex story

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