Poor Baby, Where does it hurt?

The teenage years can be forever challenging for both boys and girls especially when it comes to intimate relationships and developing sexual matters.

Dreams of fidelity or purity surely abound from both genders which sadly often turn to dust when the reality of a first kiss or unintended touch goes wrong and an initial supposedly innocent fumble is not quite the romantic event that was hoped for.

Katy – rapidly reaching her eighteenth year – is a conflicted virgin trying her best to hold on to her innocence and aspirations of true love while annoyingly fate or destiny appears to be trying to thwart such simple but admirable ambitions.

Her boyfriend Jonny is blonde and especially cute making the pretty young woman the genuine envy of her peers which is naturally fine and dandy except for the irritating fact that in all secret honesty she increasingly privately longs for a raw masculine spark this sweet but frankly bland or listless youth lacks – that entirely unexpectedly – she subsequently finds with his malevolent bully Brian.

As if this is not confusing enough for her to take on board, then the undeniably giddy girl discovers that Jonny has a flamboyant desire to wear her underwear – that weirdly she finds quite endearing or even enticing – and then there is the sublime lingerie shop where they love to go window-shopping or occasionally enter to peruse, which by chance naïve Katy discovers seems to be partially a front for sullied decadence and all manner of grown-up depravity.

Inevitably while all of this is going on, her emerging cravings or longings to become a complete woman and taste the full unrestricted joys or possible pitfalls of real savage sex is becoming almost irresistible or overwhelming.

This is as well as a disturbing but recognisable emerging bent for cruelty and dispensing discipline to her feeble often feminised boyfriend along with the available weaker elements regarding the many insipid males of the species.

Our questionable often sadistic heroine eventually falls under the divisive guidance or inspired tutelage of mature Carol Daversham – the owner of the mercurial decadent business empire – who deviously directs or educates virtuous Katy until she is informed enough to eventually reach maturity and in that short passage of time comes to know then embrace her true sexual penchants or personal deviant choices and inclinations.

In the end the valued reader just longs to discover – in all its delicious graphic tawdry detail – if the formerly innocuous Katy becomes the omnipotent woman that will be the scourge of the feeble men forever drawn to her; or perhaps instead will emerge as the dutiful wife that settles for matrimony while merely longing to be the submissive harlot and be taken or ravaged by an endless stream of predatory virile lovers.

In honesty this is not such an a rare dichotomy or unique internal battle for either of the sexes to find true resolution because the primitive instinct to play many ways – sexually or physically speaking – cannot be reasonably described as unusual.

Innovative, inventive, insightful and always perversely entertaining, Daisy Boon takes us on another evocative trek through the myriad of dark impulses or fetishes which wanders from cuckoldry to cross-dressing using all the degrading thrills or spills that illicit subversive domination and submission always encourage or evoke.

Who we become – especially sensually or emotionally – is always assumed to be due to a complex mix of nurture against nature but there again, if you have the pluck to read our depraved tale, sometimes a truly spectacular dominant sensually confident woman can simply almost accidentally…just evolve.

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