The Judgement – Tiggy Mills. Rape revenge story

The new sensational story of rape, price revenge and humiliation from Tiggy Mills. A story of a sexually repressed barrister, price a rape trial, information pills injustice, sexual degradation and revenge…

Laura Harding was just doing her job; she was one of the leading barristers in the country. The man in the dock is Duncan, a black man accused of rape by her client, the innocent young Jenny Brown. She had taken the stand and testified to his guilt with courage and determination. It was an open and shut case and Laura was unwavering in her mission to send him away for a very long time.

But…there was something about the case which inwardly troubled her. Was her client Jenny just too perfect? Was the case just too neat, too obvious to be true? Or was it Duncan himself who disturbed her – Duncan who protested his innocence loud and long – and who had lost his temper vowing a terrible retribution on both Laura and young Jenny Brown.

Of course it was just another empty threat…until following an unexpected consultation, she is sent a brown package; a package that will change her life forever, leading her into a world of depravity and sordid sexual degradation. Her life until then had been one where she had used her mind and her brains to survive and succeed; now her only option was to use her body to submit to humiliation after humiliation to get her out of trouble.

To her horror Laura discovers a strong and repressed sexual craving buried deep with her. Along with her assistant Rachel, she embarks on a vivid and compulsive voyage of sexual discovery which shakes her to her very core.
She suddenly realises that, if you let it, there was more to life than just reading books …and that natural justice could sometimes surprise you!

Word Count: 23,330


Jenny Brown stood erect, to her full height of 5’ 2” inside the small confines of the witness box; her shiny blonde hair was tied in a pony tail at the back and at the front fell in a clean cut fringe just above her bright blue eyes. She was dressed in a smart grey and red, school uniform and her cherubic pretty face combined with her quiet and shy demeanour was making a big impact on the jury.

“On the night in question…”

Laura Harding stood and grasped her silk black robes fiercely; she was only 5’6” but with her barrister’s regalia and dramatic white wig she cut an impressive figure in the brightly lit courtroom.

She waited for her pretty client to shudder and smiled inwardly to herself.

“Another good impression,” she thought and after taking a dramatic deep breath she continued her questioning.

“On the night in question, Jenny, please tell the jury, in your own words what transpired?”

She paused for effect brushing an imaginary hair from her clear unblemished face.

“Take your time Jenny.”

The young teenage girl’s face reddened, she was obviously embarrassed and she looked down to the cold wooden floor demonstrating her shame and discomfort.

“He raped me,” she whispered, her body starting to fill with emotion.

“A little louder for the jury Jenny,” Laura encouraged her “A little loud…”

“He raped me!” the girl screamed in anguish, allowing the dam that had been her eyes to explode in soft tears of emotion.

She thrust her delicate arm until it straightened and pointed to the man standing alone in the witness box.

He was tall, well-built and black, with short, cropped black hair; he seemed uncomfortable in his smart grey suit and conservative tie but stood impassive as the young girl gave her evidence. Laura watched as the jury, as if in a single body, turned to look at him but the man was phlegmatic and gave nothing away in his manner or expression.

The female barrister knew however that there was something, cold about this man and the jury sensed it; he was quite obviously an unsavoury, undesirable character.

Laura made her decision on instinct and experience; she would go for the jugular.

“How old are you Jenny?” she asked quietly.

“18,” the young girl replied.

“And on the night in question?”

“17” she replied.

She looked down again at the empty floor of the witness box.

“You were at a party, weren’t you?” Laura coaxed her.

Jenny nodded and with some impatience the barrister castigated her.

“You have to respond verbally Jenny,” she caught her own tone and corrected herself.

“In your own words,” she said softly.

“Yes,” the blonde schoolgirl said.

“I was with friends, we were invited to this guy’s house, we just went for a laugh.”

“And you met Mr Roberts…Duncan?”

“Yes,” Jenny replied “I spoke to him during the party, downstairs and he seemed…OK”

“Then?” Laura asked pointedly.

The pretty girl brushed her blonde hair back from her face and stared straight ahead as if determined to give her evidence exactly.

“My friends dared me to go upstairs with him…and stupidly…I did!”

“What did you go upstairs with him for Jenny?” she berated the girl, “It seems a silly thing to do?”

The girl went quiet and Laura focussed her brown eyes on her softly as if to encourage her to be brave.

“Just for a laugh,” she whispered, “I suppose I would have let him kiss me if he wanted.”

“And did he kiss you Jenny?”

Jenny nodded and after a stern look from her counsel remembered that she had to speak.

“Yes, but then, but then…”

“But then what?” Laura asked drawing every trace of emotion out of her client.

The blonde girl’s eyes started to fill with tears again.

“He pinned me on the bed and started to take my clothes off.”

“Did you struggle Jenny?”

She saw that her client was finding her examination difficult.

“Go on Jenny tell us.”

“Yes, of course” the girl blurted out.

It was clear that the recollection was disturbing for her.

“But he was too strong, much too strong.”

The jury turned again to look at the defendant and Laura sensed they seemed to make a mental note of his cold stare and massive broad frame.

She smiled inwardly again; she knew that her case was proceeding well.

“And then Jenny…” Laura said gently “Tell us what happened then?”

The girl went quiet but somehow found the strength to continue.

“His hands were on my pants and… I felt him rip them off me.”

“Exhibit 1, Your honour.”

Laura gestured grandly holding up a tiny pair of black panties that were sealed in a clinical polyurethane evidence bag.

The girl seemed to blanche when she saw the underwear but continued.

“He held my legs apart and then…”

“Go on Jenny,” Laura said fiercely.


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