Reversal of Fortune

Fate or fortune are close bedfellows. The future is always unseen or uncertain and sometimes it is only the fickle wind of destiny that can make the necessary difference to truly create a meaningful change.

We meet Carl when he is young, naive but foolishly assured that the road to becoming a successful man is in the making – with a good education in the bag – and it is just his ambiguous social ambitions in wooing and bedding desirable women yet to be fully realised.
However, this proves forever difficult when you are always being cast by the pretty female race to exist in a hateful vacuum of the friend zone and this causes eager Carl to make some unusual desperate choices, especially with his only genuine friend – the equally geeky but lanky Jean – who he dresses as a believable but averse male to inventively share unspeakable nights together chasing girls.

Going forward, College proves an unmitigated disaster in multiple humiliating ways and in the aftermath of a sudden dramatic downward spiral, Carl – by mere chance – runs into previously discarded Jean in his hometown, when circumstances between them are entirely altered and only then does he start to learn just why his ambitions towards the fairer sex have always ended in calamity.

It is undeniably this unanticipated meeting or perhaps the hand of providence that illuminates petite blonde Carl to his previously ignored feminine inclinations and illicit scented penchants which could possibly but improbably offer him a fresh feminised path to a much better life as cutesy sexy Carol

Can our blinkered blushing heroine lose the male pride or false masculine ego that has so badly thwarted his hopes and dreams for success then fully accept he has far more chance of achieving his goals in the lacy racy female underwear and divine clothing he secretly loves to wear, along with an entirely new sensual attitude to a wild enlightened exciting existence as a girl?

It is of course a difficult ask or task but sometimes to achieve, what you have always unknowingly longed for, a person has to risk everything and accept that by surrendering to your female side does not necessarily define you or the aspirations you have in any gender or form.

Always original and best-selling Daisy Boon takes us on another subversive journey through a traumatic physical and mental transformation process alongside all the delicious internal torture and theatre it creates – in her usual descriptive erotic prose – that will leave you aroused, breathless and captivated until the very end.

Ms Boon relates – in her own formidable wicked graphic style – that a true reversal of sexual fortune is plausible and possible with just the right circumstance and a sly experienced but ultimately good friend to ease you deliciously but decadently along the winding perfumed road

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