The Secret of My Success – Mia Robbins

Getting to the top is never easy especially if you’re young, married, not particularly well educated and somewhat delusional as Roger and his beautiful but temperamental wife, the enigmatic Mia. They find that life certainly does not owe them a living, and when providence unexpectedly takes a hand they find themselves perched on the edge of personal and financial disaster, both individually and as a couple.

But what their situation does do is provide an opportunity which is as unexpected as it is unusual. Their progression and rewards become linked to an extraordinary, sexual adventure which ultimately seduces, beguiles, and then consumes them both.

They say there are no morals when it comes to business or making money and it is something that they both discover to their cost…or is it actually their benefit? All they both have to do is allow themselves, separately but strangely together, to be sexual pawns in a voyeuristic game of utter sexual degradation, humiliation and shame.

Award winning Mia Robbins provides an insightful look at how an unloving, unfaithful, uncompromising wife can occasionally and even unintentionally help her husband to really miraculously succeed!


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