SELFIE: Indulgence & Obsession

Often good or bad things in life happen by accident. A picture or message not meant to be seen or heard that subsequently creates unforeseen happenings, events and destinies as one fate or life inevitably always crosses another.
Sue was only trying to look after her daughter Cassie; to be a concerned, protective mother but was in truth being nosy as if she had never heard the prophetic expression, “curiosity killed the cat.”
Clumsily she commits the ultimate, maternal sin; deceitfully borrows and searches through her daughter’s precious phone and what is found in dirty texts and illicit pictures she thinks for certain will have terrible implications for the future and wellbeing of her difficult child that she has always struggled to get on with.
Little does she realise that unintentionally through this discovery, the real changes and effects will in fact be for her and soon Sue’s unadventurous, sedate world is turned upside down both sexually and completely!
A teasing tale from the bestselling Emilia Blythe detailing in her unique style, most graphically and in delicious, salacious detail, how a meddling mother can get so easily dragged into a modern, sexual, promiscuous world that she had never really comprehended or even knew existed.
Sometimes all it takes to adjust absolutely everything is an innocuous but provocative little Selfie!

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