Setting a Good Example…. Daisy Boon

Being a parent is always problematical as such a role carries tremendous weight and responsibility. So when Paul, a divorcee whose wife has long ago abandoned him, finds his fourteen-year-old son Luca is regularly trying on luxurious, sensual female clothing he is unsure what to do for the best. Fortunately for him, there is sound advice from a new friend Nancy who encourages him to show support for his child regarding these harmless experimentations and to demonstrate to his precious, delicate son that a little cross-dressing holds no dangers or stigma for anyone nowadays. This he does but then without realising unleashes an explosive female side of himself that proves provocative or irresistible and quickly leads him down a winding, feminised road from which there is no return to the unhappy, uncertain and disillusioned man he once was.
Best-selling Daisy Boon spins an extraordinary yarn in her inimitable graphic style about the salacious power of being seduced by the female side of life or the subtly compelling mind and how sometimes, by merely trying to do the right thing regarding someone you love, it can cause unimaginable and permanent changes in everyone’s existence.
Setting a Good Example, in the case of our hero or heroine, is surely subjective because it is an often sordid, sometimes seedy tale which will beg the question; if anyone has the mildest propensity for femininity what would their actions and decisions be in the exact same situation?
A teasing, tantalising, arousing conundrum and a fabulously entertaining story, awaits your pleasure and sensory inspection.

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