Seven Tortuous Trials of Love

Past perceptions of sublime beauty in a young woman, could once conjure up images of frailty, shyness or even the submissive idea that such feminine riches should be freely saved and eventually dutifully surrendered to the right man.
Surprisingly perhaps such ancient attitudes still exist today although they certainly do not apply to the fabulous Helen Ashton who, at just turning eighteen, is entirely pure and innocent but already knows categorically that the answer to her sensual dreams or possible romantic whims do not include falling pathetically at any man’s feet, even if he happens to be her mother’s mature handsome boss; the evocatively named Elias Hector.
The sweet girl inevitably catches his roving eye and the omnipotent male thinks she will become just be another mark on the bedpost before being callously cast aside, although the lecherous superior master of all he surveys barely realises or recognises what or who he is dealing with till far too late along the winding wicked way.
Unaware of the perils to come he dangerously draws exquisite Helen, in all her female perfection, into his working lair where most unexpectedly and swiftly – after some decadent interaction – his initial lust soon turns to unrequited love and that’s when the problems for elegant affluent Elias Hector begin in earnest.
Helen, to be honest, is not entirely unmoved by his obvious charms or wealth, but she had no intention of being a virginal bride on any wedding night and is determined to seek out and salaciously taste the seven areas of base intimacy with anonymous men her ingenious mind has decided upon, and that have entirely escaped her up to now.
Although there appears a huge chasm or disparity between the couple in age and status, it is weirdly azure-eyed Helen that dominates from the start of their chance meeting, because she possesses the strongest will and is certain that any suiter whatever his fortune – such as this mercurial male that wants her hand forever – will need to demonstrate his full commitment, intent, devotion and even courage to this divine end.
Some might say madness or deviance as well, in relation to what Helen expects, but perhaps all is fair in love or war and confusing emotions are forever mixed up in such torrid affairs of the heart like those deeply entangled within our licentious tale
Therefore the seven tortuous trials of love are agreed-upon then laid down for Hector if he wishes to woo then win his bride and once – in some misplaced haste – this grubby gauntlet is picked up there is no practical escape for either of them until the torrid tests and sullied story has run its permissive and steamy course.
Charlie Dickinson makes her spectacular debut in the erotic literary sphere and entreats you – at a special introductory price – into a sullied universe of female discovery and domination that is her chosen but natural and environment to shockingly explore and graphically describe.
Just as with her initial subject – Elias Hector – who is initially so deliciously unaware of the worshipful pit that begins to capture his, as yet, undiscovered servile soul, you will be sure to get far more than you bargained for… so why not come along for the ride?

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