Sex Drugs & Diego – Mia Robbins

A second offering from the award winning imagination of Mia Robbins who has produced a sexually charged and teasing adventure that has more dark, dirty, unexpected, and treacherous turns, than…an innocuous, dirt road on the western side of darkest, most perilous, Columbia…….!
The beautiful, voluptuous, vivacious, Jade, with her long, tangled, brown hair and blonde highlights and her husband Mike, have a passion to explore. And they embark upon a trip with their friends Lucy and John to South America. All is going well until Columbia! – Dangerous, drug-infested Columbia. An ill-advised drive down a quiet, jungle road on the way to Bogota leads them to the diabolical, dangerous Diego who spies the girls and instantly desires them.

erotica for kindle
And, in this lawless land, a strong powerful man is used to simply taking what he wants!
The two young women presume he craves them for his sordid, selfish, carnal pleasures and he does of course. But there is something else, something even more permissive, degenerate, humiliating and divisive! They are both set and determined to resist him but neither of them is as wilful or strong as they think they are. Events unfold in an unusual, struggling, inevitable way and suddenly, strangely, intriguingly, no one is quite the moral, innocent, dependable or faithful person they initially purport or appear to be.
We all have our weaknesses, and sometimes vice can be nice…dangerous things can be so addictive…



My husband Mike and I loved travelling and sometimes doing something a little dangerous that set the blood racing and gave us a true sense and spirit of discovery and genuine, spine tingling adventure.

We had brought Lucy and her new boyfriend, John, with us on this exploit and journey of exploration to South America; we had been to Brazil, Peru and Ecuador and now were driving through the countryside to Columbia’s capital, Bogota, although we had been told it was a very precarious thing to do.

But in my book, life’s dangerous anyway and, in the recent past I had been all over this part of the world and many others, without much of a problem.

We had been moving for hours and the dry, dirt road was the same throughout; pitted and lacking much definition but the jeep was sturdy and reliable and the views of the surrounding hillside and dense, life thronged, pulsating jungle were spectacular, incredible and memorable.

I sipped my water from the flask and let the warmth of the afternoon sun, soothe me, little realising how my life was suddenly and dramatically about to change.

The front tyre seemed to explode with a loud crack that broke the peace and tranquillity of the day and the vehicle swerved sharply to the right and ground to a stop in a swirling cloud of caked mud and dust!

Mike jumped out cursing bitterly, and John quickly moved as well and helped him take the spare from the back and begin the process of jacking the car up to enable us to continue on our way.

I was the first to see Diego as he emerged from the greenery and denseness of the undergrowth all around us like a chameleon or ghost; he was dressed in a dark green uniform and his face was partly covered by a large, white, American-style Stetson hat, but I could still note his dry and humourless smile.

He approached us softly, leisurely and addressed my partner as he drew near.

“You have a problem, Senor?”

My husband turned to him, immediately, drawing himself challengingly up to his full, imposing six feet and stared at him suspiciously.

“No, it’s OK…thanks…we’re….”

The stranger now standing in front of the car, smoothly drew a handgun that he had hidden secretly behind his back, and pointed it at the four of us, smiled again and my blood turned to ice as he did so.

“No Senor, you do not understand…you have a problem!”

We all froze except John who, unknown to me, had started to reach for his rifle in the back of the jeep when a single shot rang out and echoed all around us.

John collapsed clutching his shoulder, while the birds from the nearby trees squawked, cried and flew off in noisy disturbance and fear to relative safety elsewhere.

The demonic, mysterious man looked at my friend as blood oozed through John’s fingers, his voice was utterly unaffected by the trauma of actually shooting him.

“That is very silly, Senor…now… you have another problem!”

The four of us were quickly, bemusedly, bundled into the back of a large green 4 by 4 truck that suddenly appeared out of the bushes as if by magic, and after what seemed like an eternity, driving through overgrown vegetation, then scrubland we stopped, apparently having arrived at our destination in the middle of absolutely, disturbingly nowhere!

I had no time to see exactly where we were, but it seemed to be an imposing, vast, Spanish style, ranch-house and we alighted in the white, stone courtyard with a decorative, circular fountain in the centre.

We were then promptly escorted into a large central room, where the Devil from the road was sitting quietly behind a stunningly beautiful, golden desk.

Some men stood around us with various arms and machine guns and our new host demonstrated his familiar, white smile, waved his arms expressively and with some animation, and finally spoke in his perfect English and slight, Spanish drawl.

“Welcome, to you all!”

My husband exploded at him immediately in unrestrained fury.

“What do you think you’re doing…what do you want from us?”

The man just bared his sparkling teeth and shrugged.

“To check….”


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