Sex on a Train

There appears to be nothing unusual about Julia Jones. She is in truth just another beauteous but bored young housewife questioning whether she had made the correct choices; and if her wanton womanly soul can cope with a long mundane future alongside her companionable but ordinary husband Brian.

This in itself, is nothing unusual, except for the divisive fact that the blonde enigmatic young woman retains an inquisitive and active sensual imagination that fatefully – being witness to a chance encounter on an innocuous train journey – is set on fire.

Julia had never thought of herself as particularly daring or promiscuous. But sometimes a humdrum existence causes even moral and sensible girls to act quite disgracefully – and once her previously dormant sensual spark is ignited – by an older mysterious more experienced male – then there comes a salacious point at which female primitive impulse and instinct outrageously takes over.

`Sex on a Train` by emerging erotic author Charlie Dickinson, sets the debased scene then takes us along dangerous twisted tracks which ultimately may simply provide Julia with the quick sexual fix she needs; or perhaps takes the giddy girl and her weak confused husband to a dirty destination they never envisaged even in the depths of their combined wildest exotic nightmares.

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