Double-D Teacher – pupil story

A powerful teacher-pupil story! A searing story of sexual need, frustration, and taboo desire.
Demi is young, French and unhappy. She is stuck in a dull comprehensive school in England where she teaches French to the local delinquents. Her personal life is a mess, her marriage is disintegrating, and her spirits are low.
Why did she marry so young? And especially to an an older man who gets older and colder by the day? She spends her days wistfully longing for her own carefree French schooldays when she was Dirty Demi…the girl who just loved to fuck!
And then what? She was trapped first by her marriage, and now she is being blackmailed by her own Sixth-Form delinquent pupil, 18 year old John James. She is trapped and he has power over her. Power he has no qualms about using.
But this trap was unusual, it opens a door into a world of need she thought was long gone…a world of intense sexual desire and physical longing; of needs she thought had died. Although initially resisting she soon realises that this is what she had craved in her darkest fantasies.
The tale takes us through Demi’s every longing, humiliation, revelation and physical desire until she has to face the truth of her own needs and ultimately decide on her future. This story is literally bouncing with energy and sexual tension.
Over 18 only: Word count: 27,570


I was bored, that was my excuse, my excuse for what I had done. I was so ashamed. I’d been in the small wooden shed at the back of the playing fields with Jeremy, the new sports teacher. He was so young, blonde and handsome, I only went there for a chat, maybe a kiss but suddenly my hot French blood got the better of me and before I realised I had removed his black jogging shorts. I could sense his erection, it had been an eternity since I had seen a long hard erection and I released it, admired it, licked it, then like some French whore let it rest on the lips of my small red mouth.

I watched Jeremy rocking back and forward, his body demanding more and slowly I opened my mouth and tasted the tip of his cock. He moaned loudly and I let my mouth taste more of the long hard object, I was enjoying myself, it had been so long since I had felt like a whore, a woman, I needed it. Jeremy was moaning louder and I pulled and licked him harder and harder until suddenly in horror I felt a warm rush of air, stark light and John James standing at the doorway.

Of all the people to see me in this position it had to be him, he was in my 6th form class, was my pupil for French and general administration, he was arrogant and rude, I didn’t like him at all!

“Miss!” he said startled, “What are you doing?”

I quickly released Jeremy’s penis from my mouth and noticed my male partner was too embarrassed to speak.

“Nothinng,” I said my thick French accent sounding strange against my pupil’s clear English. “Nothinng, now go, I vill speek tu u latur.”

John however just lingered in the doorway taking in the view of me on my knees, Jeremy’s now flaccid penis in front of my face and my clothing half undone.

“Zut, I vas zo stupeed,” I thought.


I screamed at him and I watched him as he smiled at me then turn to leave.

“See you later miss,” he said coolly.

Jeremy quickly pulled up his trousers and dashed out of the shed without saying a word, it was obviously not good for his career prospects to be playing about with the headmaster’s wife. I was left alone and a straightened my grey French trousers, re- aligned my bra, re-buttoned my white blouse and put some more red lipstick on the lips that I had just been using so expertly.

My mind and body were racing, what was I to do?

The boy was a menace, from the first day at this grey Comprehensive school I had sensed his smart, cocky attitude. Along with all the pupils in my form they recognised how young and inexperienced I was, and dealing with 30 boisterous 18-year old girls and boys in lessons and assembly were always a nightmare for me.

John however was the worst, he was nearly 6 foot, broad and lean and he used his size and presence to intimidate me; I was only a little over 5 feet myself and I was always screaming for quiet above the class’s uproar. He was also fair-haired, hazel eyed and popular and was very much the leader in a large section of the class.

And now he had this on me, I felt like crying but knew that I had to deal with it the best way I could, to protect me, my husband and the good name of the school. I felt like laughing, there was no good name to this school, it was large, dirty, full of ignorant English children and as I sat in the darkness of the shed I recalled what had led me to this sad dry existence.

I had been enjoying my life in France, I had been only 18 at senior school when James, now my husband had arrived to teach English. He seemed so refined and polite not at all like the boys at my school that seemed only to want me for sex.

I had to admit I had terrible morals at school, most of the boys in my class had fucked me or felt me and I had the reputation of being the class whore. I had to face so much teasing about my big breasts and reputation that it was such a pleasure to find that James liked me just for myself. We broke the rules and secretly started to see each other outside the sanctity of the school and I fell in love with the kind and respectful way he treated me.

He was nearly 40 but it didn’t seem to matter and over the year he was at the school we became extremely close. We slept together but sex with him was never exciting and I still let many of the local boys fuck me when they wanted.

It wasn’t that I was a bad girl but from the first sexual experience I just loved the feel of a young man’s cock inside me, fucking me, making me feel dirty, soiled, like a woman.

I don’t know why I agreed to follow James to England, to take an English teaching course at a university near him and then finally to marry him. But I did and that was how I ended up, at only 23 teaching French to English delinquents in a school where my husband was now headmaster. James had gone so old so quickly, within a year of marriage our sex life had died and for the last couple of years I had been extremely unhappy with my husband becoming more and more involved with his job’s workload.

Since our marriage I had been faithful to him but my recent transfer to this school, being surrounded by so many young people who were so near my own age had re-activated my dormant libido. I now often though about my former life a schoolgirl, with fondness, I would be happy to take all the insults I used to endure just for some one to take me and fuck me!

God, I realised that I’d I loved being the school whore those few years ago, there was no one to hurt but myself, but now I had this, this terrible mess that I had got myself into.

The dalliance with Jeremy had been a mistake, no my marriage was a mistake but I was committed, I started to walk back to my classroom my head still in a melee of confusion.

I somehow managed to get through the day, I always ensured that my large breasts were as usual camouflaged by my large baggy shirt and I never on any occasion wore anything but trousers at my lessons.

I sometime watched with envy the girls in their short black skirts, black knickers and white shirts; they seemed to have so much youth and freedom.


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