Sin ‘n’ Sun Holidays: EXPOSED – by Tiggy Mills – Sex story

A highly erotic, search explicit sex story. To Ruthie it was just another unwelcome job; a strictly undercover expose of a controversial holiday company. ‘Sin n Sun Holidays’ were known to cater for the most outrageous behaviours of its youthful clientele. Aiming firmly for the 18-30 market, erectile they specialised in holidays full of debauchery, side effects depravity and total excess. Ruthie was there to report on those antics. To uncover the shameless sex and wild parties at the heart of Sin n Sun Holidays.
She was, after all, fully secure in her own morality and her own marriage. She was not herself a part of that ‘scene’, and had no plans to ever be a part of it…But as events unfold she is forced to reconsider who she truly is and what she wants from life. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Share the journey with her, as Ruthie’s secret investigations reveal more secrets about her own secret desires and dark sexuality than she would ever have believed possible.

Word Count: 25,297. Warning: Explicit sexual content. Over 18 only.


“Ruthie girl, you must be mad,” I muttered to myself.

I looked around the aircraft; it was utter chaos. Young men were already drunk and the girls were either talking gibberish or painting their face with yet more makeup.

The stewardesses walked up and down and seemed to look at the whole scene with distaste, I could read the contempt in their faces and if I was honest I could hardly disagree with their point of view.

“Tarts on holiday,” they seemed to say and I longed to tell them – to scream – that I was not one of them, how dare they think that I was one of these mindless young girls!

In fact I was a reporter, an undercover reporter doing an expose on the rise of the Sin n Sun holiday phenomenon. The senior purser – immaculately dressed in her bright red uniform and her black tied up hair- spoke to my two companions and I condescendingly, “Please do put your seat belt on.”

She smiled sweetly through tight thin lips “We’re almost ready for take-off.”

“Stuck up bitch,” Tracy the girl on my right whispered under her breath, “She needs a good fuck!”

Tracy was nineteen with mousy blonde hair that fell straight onto her shoulders; she was plump but pretty with large breasts and bottom.  Much to my embarrassment she was wearing a short red dress with no bra and the tiniest pair of white pants I had ever seen, as did most of the boys on the plane when she was putting her bag overhead in the locker. When I chastised her she just laughed, “I like to show ‘em what they’re gonna have to work for,” she said unashamedly.

I was shocked to my very foundation, but I was there to be shocked; that was my job and I was sure my report would reveal the sordid goings on regarding these holidays. I was determined to show and expose just how far the moral standard of today’s youth had fallen.

I would never, ever normally have been seen dead with Tracy or Janet but my editor, Jane  –  curse her- of ‘Girl Magazine’ had come up with this brainwave for a story and had sent me to the local ‘down market’ gym to ingratiate myself with suitable Sin n Sun candidates. Given my friendly disposition I quickly became on good terms with a likely couple of girls from the aerobic class. Janet was eighteen, tall, with long dark hair, long legs and slim body. Her nose was a little too big and her breast a little too small but as with Tracy whom I described earlier she was attractive in her own common sort of way. I watched the ground rushing past us and listened to the scream of the engines and wondered what on earth I was letting myself in for.

I was 29 but thankfully looked a lot younger, I naturally had a slim figure and always felt that my body was well proportioned. I dropped whatever airs and graces I had and the girls felt that I was one of their own, we had a few drinks and nights out and I was delighted, or should I say, Jane was delighted when they asked me to join them on their summer escapade. In all fairness to them on our nights out they were course and vulgar but their behaviour in England was acceptable although they like to tease me on my reserve. They were always talking about sex but there was nothing unusual about that, I was interested to see what they were like in this type of environment- away from prying eyes. I shuddered when I thought I was presenting myself as just another ‘dolly bird,’ on the pull, just to get a story, and I thought about my poor husband Mark whom I had to desert for a fortnight to place myself on this ‘sex tour’ as he described it. Mind you considering his lack of interest in sex I wondered how he could possibly know!

He had given me his striped blue pyjamas to wear at night and jokingly told me to behave myself; I looked around at all the young ignorant men and hardly doubted that this would present any problem.

I had gone to great lengths-for me- to fit in. I considered myself attractive with my slim waist, large boobs and small bottom- I always took pride in my little bum- and I had bobbed my auburn hair and dyed it blonde to fit in with the tarts, as I called them…


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