SEX with my EX

There is always someone in every woman’s life that literally, but mostly privately, fires her internal sexual soul and provides the inner desire for them to act disgracefully.

Often, this is with a proverbial Bad Boy that draws them like a filthy helpless moth to the brightest flame and offers something dirty but deliciously addictive.
Pam, who is happily married to dependable wealthy Phil, is no exception to this unspoken rule but thankfully she is a long way from the promiscuous dizzy cheerleader she used to be until, fatefully – and ill-advisedly – the partner of four years takes her by mere chance to a college reunion which terrifyingly for Pam seems like an initially unwelcome return to the scenes of her unmentionable secret and sexual crimes.

There, as feared, she literally runs into her old nemeses, the notorious scurrilous womaniser Dillon Jagger, with his long brown hair, green devilish eyes, subtle Irish charm and the familiar aura of cheeky arrogance that had once captured her along with so many other foolish misguided young girls in their former juvenile sphere.

However, Pam is now older and surely wiser or so she thinks because, as mentioned previously, some things and certain roguish men in-particular are just too tactile or tempting to resist, meaning the young woman’s inevitable fall from marital grace has consequences she could never see or predict in her wildest imagination.

As Pam discovers, occasionally you can’t help but follow your most primitive instincts; and just sometimes the unexpected but blindingly obvious simply flows right over your pretty, bedazzled head.

A second salacious book from the teasing talented pen of Charlie Dickinson that demonstrates the erotic literary world surely has a budding new star in the making.

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