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Peeling back the layers of a very sordid neighbourhood…!

This is an everyday story about the steamy side of neighbourhood life! Or is it? Danny lives with his sister Kelly who’s going out with the strange boy from next door, look Greg. Or is she? As she seems to be friendly with Sue and maybe it’s Sue going out with Greg? Or is it Sue dating Kelly? But hang on, is Greg gay or straight or…ambivalent? And Danny fancies Greg’s stepmother Alison, who’s sizzling hot but she too old; he’s too young and what would Greg think anyway if they got together? Then there’s this box of delicious toys that Kelly got Danny to order for her! Or was it for Sue or maybe Greg, but got delivered to Alison’s by mistake! Confused? You will be when you enter the sexually deviant crazy mixed up world of emerging 14056840_mlauthoress Emilia Blythe’s salacious, sordid, soap! Funny, sexy, dirty and unmissable!



Life’s a bitch. Then you marry one!
Well that’s what I’d been told…but truth was I was as yet still too young to know for sure!
Another thing I didn’t know?
What on earth is Kerry doing messing about with Greg?
Greg’s the boy from next door. Funny looking; slim, weak, weedy, pale with small horn rimmed glasses, in fact when I come to think of it he actually and definitely looks a bit gay!
What on earth is Kerry doing with him?
Kerry’s my younger sister by the way.
Quite a looker, even if I say so myself; she’s 18 with a body of a woman, tall, athletic with a pretty face and long blonde hair.
In fact she’s bloody gorgeous, so what on earth is she doing spending time with such a wimp?
I know she’s not a virgin, well pretty sure; she’s been dating since she was 14, so I think she knows her way around the block, so to speak.
My own hormones have been raging forever, I’m19, and thinking about girls all the time!
I’ve been lucky a few times, I know my way a little around the mating game as well, so to speak, but lately, I’ve just had a hankering for more.
Getting greedy I guess!
Anyway going back to Kerry!
She made me buy a whole load of stuff from off the internet.
It was a wholesale site for sex toys; she filled her basket and then made me use my credit card to order.
I was the only one she knows with a card, that’s why she asked me; it came to nearly $500 and she said that she would give me a 10% profit on it from her for what she wanted and help me sell the rest if I needed her to?
And maybe put a good word in for me with some of her pals.
I mean some of her friends were really hot so I didn’t want to argue too much with Kerry; she was sweet, but quite forceful in her own way.
That was a few weeks ago and life towards the end of my teenage years was definitely getting more and more bizarre.
Kerry and I lived with Mum and Dad.
Mum was in real estate and Dad was selling for some computer firm or other.
We were pretty happy, sat down to eat together, occasionally, and as long as Kerry and I were pulling in decent grades they pretty much left us alone.
I was in the last year of high school and Kerry was just starting her senior years.
I was sporty, into baseball and football.
Not the best but, pretty good, in fact proficient enough to make out with the occasional cheerleader.
Kerry was quite helpful like that, she’d help me now and then, like with Sherry Young, we had quite a thing going for a while but then it fizzled out, like things do!
Now that unfortunately brings me back to Greg!
Greg is my age lives next door with his mother, Alison.
Now she really is hot!
She’s small, make me seem like a giant but really shapely with long dark hair and the sweetest ass and smile ever.
How she could have a son like Greg is beyond me?
Well it was her stepson actually so I suppose that explains it!
Must have been that from that runt of a husband who I understood had run out on her a while ago, before she moved next door!
The problem with Greg being so close is that it’s really hard for me to take my fist and ram it in his stupid face without having to face the consequences.
He always annoyed me and now unbelievably, he seems to be spending more and more time at our house, and has taken to disappearing into Kelly’s room for sometimes, hours on end!
Mum and Dad seem to be oblivious to it all; they presume Kelly can take care of herself.
Well she can!
But…I just cannot understand what she’s doing with him?
I remember a few weeks ago when I saw him at school; he didn’t know I was behind him and he was boasting stupidly to his geeky friends that he was going to get into Kerry’s pants!
I should have hit him there and then but it’s not my business!
Well maybe it is but how can I blame him, all the boys want to get into my sister’s knickers, especially when she’s in her divine red cheerleader outfit.
God life is just so weird!
And she’s driving me mad about the internet toy stuff!
I don’t know where it is!
I’ve sent them a reminder; Kelly is just going crazy at the moment.
I just don’t understand her any more at all as if I ever did?
Thankfully only a few more months and I’ll be at University.
I’ll be pleased to see the back of this small town, it’s all becoming a bit boring, a bit provincial, predictable; sometimes I close my eyes and just wish something exciting would happen!



It’s funny how things start!
It was just a silly childish idea at first and then it seems to grow and expand as if it had a mind of its own.
I only saw it in passing on the Net; it amused me, interested me and made this little germ in my devious brain start to grow.
The trouble is I’ve always had an active imagination, I loved sex from the first time Bobby Grace placed his stubby fingers in my knickers.

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