SATYR – by Daisy Boon

Special agent erotica. The revered MI5 special agent, ask Jamie Bound is now showing his age. In a modern universe his politically incorrect attitude is well past its sell-by date; his world can no longer revolve around promiscuous girls, cost spectacular explosions, caricature villains and guns. And to make matters even worse the world he has saved so often is once again in dire peril…

Men in all senior positions everywhere are being eliminated and then replaced by women and, inexplicably, it is all linked to a mercurial, enigmatic, black billionaire called Errol Satyr, although there is little hard evidence.

No powerful man is safe, and as the very last surviving British male operative it is suggested that the famous spy uses the new, ultra-secret technology to transfer temporarily into the body of a young woman for protection.

But while this option is not to his taste or style, it is dramatically forced upon him in a life and death situation, and he emerges with a new modus operandi which is – most disturbingly for him – a licence to thrill!

How will the misogynistic formerly celebrated, Secret Agent cope with having to relearn new things as the delectable, beauteous and seductive, Jane Bound? And will he be able to successfully use the most effective weapon he now has at his disposal? That is specifically his new desirous, sensual, feminine shape and form?

A truly spectacular, new, libidinous novel from Daisy Boon introducing a new, cult hero (or heroine!) namely, Jane Bound in a first but hopefully not, a final mission. An extravagant story on a vast aspect and scale about gender alteration with all the delicious physical and mental adjustments entailed! Written with humour, poignancy and in sexually erotic detail; it is in homage to a mythical famous spy’s adventures of the past but in the graphic eye or pen of the modern day.

Tantalus Press is proud to reveal the matinee performance of, Satyr a OO X Chromosome Story. We are more alike than we realise. The difference between male and female is a single X chromosome the subtle link between domination and submission or humiliation and in this instance, possible success!

espionage erotica

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From Daisy Boon.

Can a sex story be just a story… about or dealing with sexuality? In this so called Erotic genre can it be something memorable or even inspirational that does not just try to descend to the lowest possible level. The aim with my writing is to make the tales sexy, graphic, humorous, arousing and as entertaining as possible with an eye to appealing to the mainstream. I feel that good, erotic fiction has a role to play in the larger, book market. I am proud to release my latest offering, Satyr, through Tantalus Press and Amazon. A fully explosive and inventive sexual novel, which was a pleasure to write.

I do hope you enjoy it.




Special agent erotica.