SSS – Secret Sissy Society

The clues to sexual orientation tend to be noticed early on in our lives. Psychological roots regarding such subtle matters always starts with childhood where much is always openly exposed or revealed but perhaps some clues to the future are more apparent than others.
For Alex – the blonde good-looking male subject of our story – this is especially relevant because he is born as an only child with obvious physical gender issues that makes his early years extremely challenging especially as his sole maternal parent wishes to bring him up as a boy while her sister, Auntie Jean, sees him as an obvious sweet-natured girl.
After a tortuous adolescence, eventually Alex makes a tough choice to permanently play the male role and although the delicious teasing memories of wearing feminine clothing and even attending dance classes as a young girl in cute evocative leotards with pretty frills are supressed by a huge act of will, in truth such divisive recollections are never entirely expunged from his delicate form or sensitive system.
A chance meeting with a gorgeous old school associate, Olivia, then a further encounter with Corrine – who knew him intimately from their days as girls in the ballet class – at first slightly tilts his universe before disturbingly it entirely turns over as secret subversive opportunities unexpectedly arise for him to explore the sexual female side of his nature he has buried so darkly for so long, before the demanding pull of the illicit femininity in his soul becomes sorely irresistible.
Revered, best-selling Daisy Boon explores in provocative graphic prose the sullied often permissive cosmos of crossdressing, feminisation and ultimately surrendering to the compulsive addictive Sissy side of the most delicate emotional parts of the male gender and disposition.
As Alexa discovers, once you begin this dissolute diversion it quickly becomes a compulsive then compelling way of life and after experiencing the multiple tactile, physical and often perverse delights on offer it then begs an important question.
Why is everyone not playing this most irresistible of games?

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