Submission Seduction Humiliation & Cuckoldry

Some problems in a marriage are best left alone for the sake of longevity.

Colin and Terri are at the very start of their journey through life when they hear an incredible sordid story from the husband of close friends bemoaning the fact that his wife has been seduced then utterly corrupted by a handsomebut notorious womaniser and billionaire.

It is not their problem but simple initial anger then empathy along with the mere chance of fiscal improvement makes Colin determined to call out this scurrilous rich Bastard for the sexual scoundrel he is and, in spite of his wife’s circumspection, stupidly sets forth on a misadventure that quickly encapsulates them both within a wild and wicked web.

The original intention of exposing this rapacious omnipotent male is soon unexpectedly replaced by gradual sensual discoveries then revelations concerning themselves alongside the sorry sad stale state of physical matters in their marriage which had forever been there lingering but unmentioned in the background.

A seedy squalid odyssey ensues that quickly drags each of them into a sexual often submissive journey which under the tawdry talented pen of best-selling Tiggy Mills is detailed then described in depraved dirty degrading detail as only she can.

If you ever wanted to truly understand the powerful pull of the flesh and the irresistible force of feminine fetish and sexual desires leading to infidelity and cuckoldry read on, but with a quiet serious word of caution.

Because undoubtedly if you give into casual curiosity and the addictive pleasures that often comes from experimentation or immorality, then perhaps one day – only if you’re lucky – it could all happen to you!

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