Unexpected Consequences – Tiggy Mills

An interracial sex story of submission, unhealthy repression, page seduction and debauched cravings that jumps off the page in sordid, find lustful, twisted tension.

7561697_lNewly-married Francine, her older husband Gordon, and his young stepdaughter Bernie from his first marriage are drifting in a world where nobody seems honest or happy.

Gordon is living a lie, masking his own despicable needs and cravings; Francine, at only 24, has escaped her from her old staid life as a teacher by marrying him…the father of one of her pupils. But the marriage was a loveless, sexless, affair that provided nothing but withdrawal and escape from reality for them both.

It is a complex mixture of personalities and emotions; everyone seems in denial, wilfully blind to the overwhelming problems that exist and threatened to continue forever. But the couple reckoned without Bernie who nurses a deep and terrifyingly vindictive hatred of her former teacher and new stepmother.

She devised an evil plot to send Kieran, her purported new boyfriend, on holiday with her new stepmother to the family villa in Marbella to see if he could cause trouble for her…It seemed puerile and innocuous, just a small pebble in the still dark pool of life, but this pebble causes traumatic ripples that no one could have foreseen or expected…

This pebble caused everyone’s life to be turned upside down! All it took was a small splash, a large dose of sunburn a sensual and inspirational cure for the consequences for all concerned to be depraved and inescapable….

Gordon is forced to face and reveal terrible, buried, sordid longings and revelations from his dark past with his former, promiscuous wife, Lesley. Bernie, from being an external cause of all this mayhem, then somehow becomes involved, with both Gordon and her hated young stepmother, in foul degenerate ways, she would never have believed possible.
Told from three viewpoints, but mainly from Francine’s perspective, this is an intricate, tale from the deviously, delicious, decadent mind of Tiggy Mills.

It tells a dark sexual tale that you should be careful where you tread and what amoral debasing plans you set into being, because sometimes, for the strangest reasons, what is set into motion can bring… unexpected consequences!

Strictly over 18
Word count: 42,895



I didn’t know much in life but I knew that my new mother in law, Francine, was a bitch!

Who would have believed it? My old schoolteacher Miss Francine Thomas, would run into my father one fine day out of school, have lunch and get fucking married!

Sexy, stupid Miss Thomas, all bright red hair and a small cute ass, trapped him!

Worse, she was 24 and he was in his middle fifties and I don’t suppose the allure of his wealth tempted her? As if!

The Bitch!

She used to teach me English at school, I always disliked her; she had no personality just looked meek and pretty and had all the boys drooling about fucking her.

And now she was in my home, my house, laying down rules for me!

Immediately upon marrying my stepfather she left teaching and somehow became old and middle class overnight.

She joined the golf club with him and played bridge; she was unbearably pretentious and fucking boring, and so was he!

Gordon was impossible as well though; I couldn’t bring friends home, girls or boys… especially boys!

He hated my lover Julian, probably, just because he was large, fit, black and something of a lowlife, hoodlum bad boy. But somehow part of his lifestyle and demeanour was the attraction for me; although not the only thing that was!

It seemed so unfair that in a huge house like ours he couldn’t come back and sleep with me.

It was ridiculous, especially as he was fucking me everywhere else we could manage.

And then there was my inheritance? How would miss fancy drawers screw that up for me?

The money my stepfather had was mine not hers’! She was entitled to nothing!

It was all so exasperatingly, infuriating!

I had to get rid of her, this hateful mealy-mouthed witch of a woman.

I had set my mind to the purpose and, as they said on some innocuous television programme, had hatched a cunning plan!

The villa in Marbella was coming out of wraps.

It had been mothballed for the past four years after the sudden death of my mother in that horrible car accident.

It was terrible and it traumatised us all, especially my stepfather who had doted on her to the point of obsession

My mother would never have let that bitch get a hold!

I was due to leave on holiday with the cow tomorrow while Dad stayed at home.

He couldn’t face going back, as it was in Spain where the awful accident happened and I assumed the memories were still too raw for him.

My supposed boyfriend, Keiran, was coming too.

I had to promise Gordon that we would sleep in separate beds, but that was irrelevant, as taking him with us was just a ploy!

Keiran was just a guy I knew; he was a wonder with women, he’d fucked all my friends and so many more besides.

I planned to be ill in the morning then little miss red haired perfection was going to go… just with him!

Maybe she would prove not to be quite the prim and proper little person she made herself out and if that was the case then Keiran would tell me.

I had to promise him a blow-job if he could come up with the goods but it was a small price to pay if he could use his charms and get me what I needed.

I would say for the record, that for whatever reasons his blarney and boyish personality was lost on me, but there again, he was white!

I just need to get some dirt on her, anything, just, to finally get rid of her pretty smug, superior, intellectual fucking face!

It was a long shot but if this didn’t work then there would be something else, then something else again.

I would never stop until I got rid of miss fucking Thomas, out of my life and my family’s life for good!




I watched my young, beautiful new wife walk through the departure gate with some trepidation.

She was with Bernie’s new boyfriend Keiran, and did not seem happy to be obligated to travel, just with him.

But there was something about my wife with a young man of her own age that made me flush with dark disgusting buried energy that I thought and hoped, was long forgotten.

But my stepdaughter had suddenly taken ill that morning and they had been persuaded to travel without her.

The flights had been booked and paid for so there was no point wasting them, hopefully Bernie would follow on in a few days and they could all have a good time as planned.

I watched my wife’s tight firm ass as she walked in her clingy blue jeans; she was divinely attractive and it always made me so proud that she was married to me.

The boy beside her was smaller than she was but pleasant and engaging enough, with long brown hair and a slim youthful figure.

He had been one of her former students when she had been an English teacher at Bernie’s school although the age-difference was seemingly now, not so great.

My new wife was only 24 and the boy just 19, like Bernie.

I was relieved that my stepdaughter had begun to date this new boyfriend, as I was aware that she had been seeing a black youth from the same former school and that type of interaction and behaviour was unacceptable to me, as she well knew!

Sometimes you had to have standards and enforce them!

My wife turned and smiled at me briefly; she was so innocent and lovely, with angelic dazzling, sky blue eyes that were covered by new Aviator glasses, and she waved as she disappeared with the slight young man into the throng of busy travellers.

I should have gone with her but could not face the villa after what had transpired there.

I had agreed to open the house again but on the condition that Lesley’s, my dead wife’s room, should not be entered or touched.

I had left it exactly as it had been the day she died and, although I made sure it was cleaned and aired, I kept it as a permanent shrine to her cherished soul.

Even her clothes and accessories, that she so loved, were washed cleaned and maintained in a pristine state as if she was still alive.

It was the least I could do and had taken it upon myself as an on-going obligation and commitment to the memory of her.

I had tried to put so many parts of my time with her to the dark recesses of my mind and so doing had elevated her to a saintly position in my selective recall.

It was better and easier for me to think of her like that!

However, lately some of the more decadent experiences we shared would not lie dormant and had begun to worryingly awaken in me, more, each passing day.

I increasingly had such perverse thoughts about everything; my former wife, my new wife, Bernie and perhaps if they were all away from me it would give me a chance to free the demons that seemed to cling to my corrupted, tormented soul?

I had hoped that my new marriage to Francine would have helped me exorcise my devils but frustratingly, it was less than I expected and I wasn’t sure why?

I understood she had only married me for my money and the position it provided her but even though she had happily agreed and settled into our marital accommodation and arrangement as I had asked her, increasingly, I felt unsettled, unbalanced and in need of something intangible.

I sensed she was restless too, even though she was the perfect pretty companion, turning heads wherever she went, and making me feel much luckier than I was.

I could just tell she was also discontent and unsatisfied.

The truth was, ours, was a marriage of show and convenience; she wanted little from me except to leave her former teaching job and for me to provide security for her, which I was happy to do, to a point.

It was all becoming so difficult and confusing.

But she was gone now for a few weeks and I was left with my dirty, deviant thoughts and sometimes, shamefully degenerate actions.

Terribly, although I knew I would miss her, I was grateful for the freedom and space without her around to watch or judge me.

At my age appearance seemed the most important thing and from that perspective I had everything.

A young beautiful wife, a pretty engaging daughter, wealth and respect from those around me!

I was grateful for that and cursed myself that more and more that it was demonstrably insufficient for my foul needs.

I was horribly conflicted but extremely relieved as well that I could retain and shield my secret, mental perverted world that I now seemed to inhabit so much.

I had the comfort and knowledge that no one would ever know the past or the debased longings that revolved in my vulgar poisonous mind and… they never would!


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