Summer Holiday – Tiggy Mills

Compromise; is a word that most women unfortunately know only too well.
All but the special ones blessed by the invisible mythical Venus – who grants them true love for a while – have to compromise, and even the privileged pretty few often eventually have to survive then lower their high standards the second or, God Forbid, the third or fourth time around.
Fragrant blonde Felicity had once been a young girl of high expectations but a failed miserable marriage that left her supporting then bringing up a daughter all alone eventually resulted in a stark change of attitude although – to split proverbial hairs – she at least eventually settled rather than compromised.
With her gorgeous precious child Ami just turning eighteen Felicity ties the legal knot with an older partner Raymond – the man is sadly less than a dreamboat – as he seems dependable enough and a reliable wealthy crutch to make her life easier through and into the quickly approaching twilight years.
At her maturing age reality appears to have strangely insidiously taken over from any romantic or sleazy aspiration she may still have buried somewhere in her still curvaceous body and once fanciful imagination.
Felicity thinks her practical decision will be for the best but soon Ray, for all his lucre, is proving to be something of a trial, both in and out of bed, and when Ami takes up with an arrogant, always obnoxious but powerfully built black youth called Tyrone on a summer holiday in Spain – a few months after the nuptials – no one could predict what subsequently salaciously transpires.
One ultimate pernicious perverse idea from her challenged husband – after some previous obsessive disconcerting behaviour about her sexually adventurous daughter – provides the unstoppable sensual catalyst that promptly draws Felicity’s mind and subtle form back to a former debased period when her existence had been less than moral, and once started along this slippery path there is no way back to the humdrum unsatisfying relationship with Ray.
The rejuvenated Felicity subsequently recognises she remains surprisingly vital and physically alive as a woman therefore needs so much more than he can supply, and mere finance is suddenly not a strong enough mercenary mucky glue to hold them together as a couple.
Best-selling Tiggy Mills sets the tantalising scene then crudely recounts – from two tortuous perspectives – a tawdry torrid tale of depravity, infidelity, humiliation and general debauchery that entangles then corrupts them all; as sexual impulses, problems or fetishes are discovered, excruciatingly examined and eventually dealt with under her dirtily descriptive touch.
It seems to the whole world that any new marriage will never survive such primitive upheaval but in our devious author’s talented fingertips perhaps all it takes to get past the overwhelming perversity then inevitable shame is a little enlightened adjustment from both parties…in making a required unspeakable unethical compromise.

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