MagnificentMan: The Secret Behind the SuperHero

A young alien is sent from a distant, dying world to earth by its mother, knowing it will receive wondrous powers granted by this planet’s unique atmosphere, and in the hope that it will eventually mate and continue the existence of their now destroyed race. However the traveller is still a mere baby when unexpectedly the spaceship that carries it accidentally crashes into the heart of middle America; it is fortuitously found by an old but compassionate couple who, perhaps unwisely, take the child contained within it for their very own.

At first it may seem as if this is a familiar tale but you soon realise it is anything butt; as this strange being is the living product of Vagon, a planet where women have dominated their men for millennia and, from his first steps on this earth, Kristina or Kris Kuntz as he is named for short, finds his life here extremely bewildering and demanding.

Males of his species, though similar to human form, were of inherently mixed gender, and have been genetically altered over time to quell their aggressive, natures and to be submissive to the dominant females. Therefore, given his unique genitalia it is hard for the being to know his role in this strange world he had been thrust into, and whether to eventually try to live his extraordinary life here as a man or a woman.

His sexual leaning and magnificent secret powers swiftly show through from an early age and lead him into various adventures that often confuse, trouble and even humiliate him; especially when the beautiful women he is drawn to tend to be clever, wilful and always too controlling for his fragile mind. And then of course there is the divine but deadly, black, rich, handsome Max Mammon; his nemesis to be and evil genius of an enemy or is he in fact his real friend and true love?

As always sexual intimacy, emerging developments and eventual, explicit debauchery created from the graphic, erotic pen of Daisy Boon makes for an unusual and interesting ride as she provides her unique insight on unfamiliar extra-terrestrials with special powers; this is a story that is literally out of this world. Come share, and explore this incredible tale and you will eventually understand that being an all-powerful super-hero or heroine  that flies around and saves the world in a brightly coloured, splendiferous costume is often not quite as easy as it appears to be!


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