Taken for a Ride – Tiggy Mills

Joe Hampton’s youthful future was set out for him. He was a local country boy and had just been employed as the junior groom at the famous manor in the small village where he had spent his whole young existence. He was excited, diagnosis ecstatic. It was as if all his small insignificant 5204405_lambitions had come to fruition. His main purpose now was to look after the thoroughbred horses that belonged to the comely young daughters of the Master of the estate and he was in country heaven.
But there was trouble in paradise; the girls were beautiful, decease aloof, superior, and treated young Joe with complete contempt and disdain. However he was helplessly attracted to them, could not resist them, was completely devoted to them and longed to see them and their wondrous divine feminine forms each and every day. But they were sexually mature beyond their years, devilish and deviant and took advantage of his physical and emotional, innocence. They teased and tormented him until his ardour for them had disastrous consequences for him, and he was thrown out of the job and dismissed from the land he loved so dearly.
There was now no chance or hope for him, all he could do was run from this place; the life he so treasured and was forced to embark on a new path that fate had picked out for him. But his new destiny was surprising, and with a small purchase on the lottery, a bit of luck, and a new start in London, wondrous and amazing things began to happen for him. Joe found he had a new developing sexual talent; he had enjoyed taking care and tending to the heavenly animals in his stable at home but soon he had new, special feminine stock that was beyond his wildest fantasies, dreams or expectations.
But even in his new successes his heart and mind was always on his home, his village, the manor and the demonical, radiant, sordid sisters that had caused him so much hurt and distress. He presumed that he would never be able to realise his true ambitions or fulfil his heart’s desires, but this is a rare exceptional tale. This relates one of those special occasions, that, when you have a little money and fate is on your side, the impossible can happen and retribution, revenge and complete satisfaction can all be achieved and realised.
A deep and devilish story from the remarkable dark and erotic pen of Tiggy Mills. It is a fantasy that shows that sometimes sexually bad girls and marginally good boys end up getting exactly what they deserve! Sometimes the old adage that you should be nice to the people on the way up as you might need them on the way down rings true. As the precocious Verity and Suzanne found out to their humiliation, just because you start on top…doesn’t mean that you will finish there!



Joe Hampton was anxious and excited as he stood waiting for the horses to cool; he looked around the exquisite stable yard with schoolboy fascination and wonder and felt privileged to know he was going to play a part it its’ running.

Joe was just 18, tall and broad with strong shoulders and arms from working and labouring all his young life.

His physical attributes made him well suited to his new appointment as junior groom at Crossway Manor and his soft brown eyes always sparkled and glistened full with life and enthusiasm.

Joe was a country boy, all his life he had lived in Hadleigh Village nearby to the great manor and lands that always seemed to be the very social hub and centre of the local affairs and community.

Master Brigham was head of the house, master of the local hunt and was feared and respected in equal order by all around him.

Joe was thrilled to have been offered a position on the estate and he knew his 6-foot stature and gentle nature helped him gain the treasured post of looking after and attending to the thoroughbred horses stabled there.

Joe, underneath his normal dirt and grime, also possessed a certain boyish charm and good looks and his long fair hair invariably, languidly flopped over his youthful clear unblemished features.

Everyone liked Joe; it was what the senior groom, who had employed him, admired most about the young man.

Joe was at peace with the world and in an uncomplicated simple way just wanted to take his small insignificant part within it.

Joe lingered for a second inside Prince’s stable.

The magnificent champion stallion turned and looked at him curiously with his large bulbous expressive earthy eyes and Joe patted his smooth white coat and continued rubbing him down.

He truly loved horses and admired the splendour of such a strong, proud muscular distinguished animal; this was not work to him, it was a privilege and a pleasure, and something to be cherished.

This horse, as with Beauty, an exquisite black stallion in the next stable along, with a white flash on his nose, were the pick of the crop of equine excellence.

They belonged to the Master’s daughters, Verity and Suzanne and Joe’s primary job was to now keep these wonderful beasts in pristine condition.

The girls were twins, just a few weeks younger than him-self but they were from a different class and were gentile, refined, ladies in every way.

They were well educated, both very beautiful and cultured, were clearly from a different stock to Joe’s humble origins, and he was immensely proud and honoured to be able to serve them both.

They rode every morning at 8a.m precisely and Joe had to ensure that these horses were immaculately prepared and saddled for their early sortie.

The young man glanced at the clock, it was 7.55a.m and he led the 2 snorting stallions into the courtyard and waited patiently until he saw the two girls walking purposefully down the gravel path from the grand manor house in the distance.

Joe had seen the girls occasionally over the years, fleetingly in the village or out riding and he had always felt inadequate in their presence and greatly in awe of them.

Their heads and noses were always in the air and Joe felt the enormous gulf of breeding and money between him and the delectable ladies.

As they came closer he could not help but admire the way they were dressed, their black boots shined, their black jackets were impeccably clean and their beige jodhpurs were skin tight on their hips and thighs.

Joe tried not to notice how the trousers accentuated their exceptional figures and seemed to cling to their perfectly rounded bottoms and anxiously, he looked Miss Verity directly in her clear blue eyes as she approached him.

He murmured quietly and respectfully to her, wishing to make the best impression that he could.

“The horses are ready Miss.”

The girl looked at him then at the admirable animals and she threw her curly long blonde hair back and bunched it into the black hard hat until it was wedged tightly on her pretty head.

She then perused Joe up and down alone and directly, as if she was examining one of the horses.

“Who are you?” she queried, “and have you brushed Prince correctly?”

She walked around the white horse and slapped its rump gently but sharply, examining the stallion’s coat and sheen in minute detail.

The young boy replied eagerly and earnestly but with great pride.

“Yes Miss, this is my first day Miss, I’ve been made junior groom…my name is Joe Miss….I’m pleased to meet you.”

Suzanne appeared before him; she was also beautiful with the identical physical attributes, as her sister with the only difference being her hair was straight, shining like flowing mountain water, and jet black.

She spoke to him in a short clipped condescending tone.

“Have you now?  Well done Joe, that’s excellent for you.”

She smiled at him, pleased that the large, servile ignorant young man could not detect her sarcasm.

She inspected, with equal attention as her sister, Prince and Joe was unsure whether his preparatory work on the immaculate beast was sufficient to meet her exacting standards.

He just stood and listened nervously as she addressed him.

“Well just you be sure you have our horses saddled and ready every morning… wind or rain, do you understand Joe?”

He blinked as if pleased he had been, in some way, accepted.

“Yes Miss.”

He had replied quietly and deferentially brushing back his dark blonde hair and trying not to look too deeply into the girl’s gleaming hazel eyes, framed by her long black eyelashes.

Both girls giggled, much to the young groom’s embarrassment, and Verity athletically and expertly pulled herself up onto the steed and sat astride the thoroughbred readying herself with the rough leather reins.

Beauty was a few hands higher than Prince and Suzanne beckoned Joe over to her with a twist of her index finger and commanded him haughtily.

“Help me up…what do I call you again?”

The young man jumped promptly to attention and ran to her.

“Joe, Miss,”

He stood patiently behind her awaiting further instruction as she played with her black crop.

Joe could smell her perfume and he watched, as the girl put one foot in the stirrups and began to pull herself up onto the small brown saddle.

“Push me up then Joe,” she instructed sternly.


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