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From Tantalus-Press is proud to present the erotic publishing event of the year!

The COMPLETE ‘Ring of Desire’ Collection! 205, price 000 words (approx. 759 pages), comprises four glorious volumes, a sequence of twenty-four stories, each one detailing the erotic escapades of a series of very different women, each of whom temporarily possess the fateful golden band bequeathed to mortal women by the Goddess Aphrodite for their erotic delectation and transformation.

But the ring is a conflict-ridden gift whose purpose is to reveal the true, inner sexual desires and aspirations of any woman who places it upon her finger; it come inscribed with an eternal warning ‘… be sure that you wish to know!’ Sometimes true longings, those darker, hidden, suppressed longings can be dangerous – perhaps best kept dormant or hidden!


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From the devilish imagination of the best-selling Tiggy Mills come a truly ambitious sprawling epic of erotic passions, sexually explicit depravity and the power of a ring upon the women who come to possess it…


Chapter 1 Discovery of the Ring of Aphrodite

Chapter 2 Gabrielle’s Sexual Awakening

Chapter 3 The Journey Continues

Chapter 4 Mythology: Realisation and Raw Life.

Chapter 5 Time to Pass the Gift On.

Chapter 6 A New Host.


Chapter 7 Jackie is Reborn.

Chapter 8 From Persecution to Power.

Chapter 9 Unexpected Acquisition.

Chapter 10 Debbie Descends into Sexual Darkness.

Chapter 11 Interracial Nightmare.

Chapter 12 Fern Finds Destiny in a Ring.


Chapter 13 Pussy Whipped Australian Style.

Chapter 14 A Marriage Made in Hades!

Chapter 15 Fern Meets Eli.

Chapter 16 One Solitary Taste is Never Enough.

Chapter 17 Compulsion & Addiction Leads to Disaster

Chapter 18 Pride Comes Before a Submissive Fall.


Chapter 19 Denise Gets Lessons in Survival.

Chapter 20 Solicitation, Empowerment, Hope and Salvation.

Chapter 21 Melanie’s Lost Youth

Chapter 22 Briny’s Incredible African Adventure and Fate

Chapter 23 A Newly Born Goddess Leads to Confrontation

Chapter 24 Aphrodite’s End… or is it?

After lying lost for so many Millennia, a ring is fatefully discovered by Gabrielle, a shy, young archaeologist, in Greece, under the very shadows of the Acropolis itself. The ring is passed down throughout history to many women, who one by one they all become embroiled in the ethereal game of love, lust and life that mix earthly, immoral, erotic passions and depravity together.

From ancient to modern, from domination to submission to interracial humiliations – truly erotica on a grand scale!

A fantastical journey or sex, erotic passion and the power of a ring…


NOT to be missed.

Originally published as ‘Ring of Aphrodite’

Strictly OVER 18 ONLY


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