The Feminiser – #metoo

For those of you that have not noticed recently the world is not as it once was.

Our social fabric that had been built for millennia – apparently on just men and women – has altered completely, until the rise of males with more than just a passing penchant for femininity has almost become the new norm.

The uninformed would or could assume that this is all fate or chance development of nature but although this is partly true, that explanation is sadly not the entire picture.

Through genetics and science, treatments or apparently innocuous looking secret weapons have been formed to adapt gender; expressly to reform and improve lives by purposely increasingly male awareness of much-valued, vaunted or heralded female sensibilities and – under certain circumstances – make complete alterations to sexuality, as unbelievable as that seems or sounds

This without doubt is indeed a heavy burden or responsibility for the few chosen then tasked with such a unique job but this aspiration – as it once was – has now become the new secret government policy to specifically lessen unwanted instincts or aggression in men then gradually improve society where they can for the better.

The alterations all around are already hidden in plain sight if one has the eye to see and have not happened by mere accident; more so by sneaky design!

Young blonde juvenile Adam is – not unexpectedly – entirely unaware of this surreal fact and therefore leads his disruptive vacuous life towards teenage vulnerable girls entirely ignorant of any repercussions or consequences to his lack of empathy or understanding regarding the female world and all it entails.

However fatefully for our antihero a Feminiser is in the locality, specifically to bring equality fairness and correction to young foolish boys or men like him and Adam is surely in for a huge life-changing transformation.

Merely we would add – in defence of the caring authorities – to make another small often indeterminable mark in providing the more female leaning balance to the universe that the powers that be quite understandably think is desirable and necessary. 

Another diabolically detailed and graphically described dirty minded and body-altering story from best-selling Daisy Boon that shows once more that the difference between men and women is merely a single X chromosome and we are undeniably more alike and devilishly sexually linked or inclined than we think.

A tortuous, steamy gender-bender tale that – in this mixed up modern world – should not be ignored because weaved within the devious detailed pages is a prescient troubling warning of what may lay in store for many unenlightened men.

Sadly but more than possibly, if the predatory male of the species cannot adjust his selfish rapacious ways then just maybe, feminine change will be legally, permanently forced upon him!

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