The Games People Play

A long term relationship or marriage inevitably goes tired or stale; often neither partner is to blame but merely proves the old adage that familiarity breeds contempt. Sadly it is precisely this lack of interest or the missing, primal spark of sexuality and attraction between a man and woman that is so vital in keeping the body and soul of a partner from straying physically, or even more insidiously mentally, into the darkest depths of private, libidinous imagination. This is how existence is for Stephen and Valerie who have been together for over twenty years; it seems perhaps their time, children and even basic connection as people, have left them and all that remains is the routine of going through the motions each and every day.
However the wife discovers by foul, unsettling chance that the husband sees her as some sleazy, femme fatale in his prurient head and actually has illicit if not dirty fantasies about her teasing or tempting other men. Although Valerie is somewhat initially shocked, at her vulnerable age where she has pretty much lost her confidence as an attractive female of the species, it reminds her that possibly her days of being admired or – dare she hopes for – desired are not yet ended or fully over and she still has something to entice or offer as a woman.
Thus begins a theatre between them which at first is only a simple lie and deceit or possibly the salacious sport of temptation that they play out for their personal titillation and entertainment only, but as they soon discover, they are not the only people playing this illicit game of raw, emotional and rapacious life. Therefore once in the mayhem or muddle of interaction with others, complications soon evolve and intimate, decadent matters then situations quickly spiral out of control which forces them to confront new uncomfortable if not sullied realities.
Emilia Blythe spins a web of words as only she can because her tawdry tale reveals then describes in such divisive detail each sensual and sexual step along the way for them both as a couple. As always with Emilia Blythe, the reader and the characters within her steamy plots ultimately receive a few shocks or surprises and maybe both get a little more than they bargained for.

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