The Many Decadent Layers of Billionaire David Vey

It is well known wealth or money alone cannot buy happiness though many people naively think that it is the answer to every problem.

However some men seem to have it all, especially handsome Billionaire David Vey who makes his fortune young and now lives a privileged affluent lifestyle based in his brash glassy Vey Tower where he resides within the luxurious penthouse and directs his sprawling global empire.

The many lurid stories and urban myths of his philandering with beautiful woman or models are already legendary and when pretty teenage Adrianne wins the school prize for mathematics – that carries with it the prize of visiting this edifice to capitalism – she expects nothing more than an interesting day out.

However her meeting with the enigmatic Mr Vey is instantly electrifying then equally fateful as neither of them is quite what they appear and a provocative situation or surreal relationship soon develops where both quickly reveal veiled sullied secret sides to themselves.

Mr Vey sadly is not the virile rakish man he purports himself to be while teenage Adrianne is already mature beyond her years and has an inherent superior sadistic dominant spark to her character that irresistibly draws this reputedly predatory male like a proverbial moth to a dangerous scalding flame.

Inevitably perverse passions and sordid sexual tension soon ensues which takes them down dark or often difficult winding roads of power exchange, gender adjustment, cross-dressing and increasingly depraved humiliating sex, especially for the once omnipotent Mr Vey, who privately has always craved a more feminised and submissive lifestyle. 

Highly respected groundbreaking erotic author Daisy Boon sets the decadent scene then develops the detailed depraved tale – as only she can – and reveals that sometimes it’s hard to settle comfortably into the power seat as an omnipotent man, when all you secretly wish for or desire completely, is to sit behind a desk in provocative sensual female clothing and sublime lingerie playing the sexy sensual ditzy secretary. 

This is undoubtedly the complex TG romance of our time that confirms riches are not everything and sometimes, to gain what you personally crave, even a revered celebrated billionaire has to be prepared to lose something as well, even if that happens to be his masculine pride, status or questionable male self-esteem.

It seems that for some to find their true place in the world, and live the improbable but increasingly sought-after fluffy female dream, one has to let go of mere lucre or any former sense or authority then simply surrender the last remnants of manhood and submit unilaterally to humbling feminised destiny

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