The Migrant Maze

Migration, asylum and any other flights to freedom or possible fortune have become complex and complicated issues in the modern world that often entangle many lives.

It is not only the suffering or oppressed that are impacted but, for the few, this divisive immigration game can offer prestigious positions within government alongside accompanying substantive salaries that follow such status.

Therefore, much is at stake for everyone but for differing reasons, and when strong youthful Amas Afumba throws himself into the Channel merely to be hopefully rescued then taken to the UK where he has heard wondrous myths and stories about great hospitality, little does he or anyone realise what will result from such an act of desperation.

Unexpectedly, he is selected to live with one of the country’s elite families as an enlightened brainwave of the new attractive female minister, Grace Somerset, who is determined to show how such migrants should be generously handled barely recognising that the young male chosen quickly develops his own pernicious and tactile plans for the future.

For Amas has a real gift in dealing with animals and especially woman of all shapes or sizes – specifically impressionable young white girls – and one by one he seduces or corrupts the succession of luscious females that he is unexpectedly but generously presented with.

Like some veracious black fox let loose in an ivory henhouse the rampant but duplicitous thrusting male swiftly takes advantage of the quickly developing situation until sexual mayhem and depravity abounds then follows him everywhere.

In many ways the evocative subject of our deviant story is entirely blameless because, as with all young men in his tenuous situation, if he can see or sense an advantage by using the only real life-talent he possesses then of course some empathy or sympathy should be granted in his favour.

Renown, Tiggy Mills is on top form as she wickedly weaves then spins a tawdry bonk-busting saga of interracial passions or debauchery that take us down a debased and perverse twisted track which is described in such decadent detail as to leave one with palpitations and a heart beating almost faster than the promiscuous females lusty Amas Afumba takes under his pernicious black wing.

Because, almost to an unwary girl, they have, through endless media pressure, become educated obliged then conditioned to surrender what fragrant female charms or treasures to immigrant – often physically uninhibited – members of the virile black race and perhaps carry the fruits of any resultant joining as be a questionable badge of honour to possibly pay for the endless liberally well-documented white sins of the past.

A truly tawdry tale of indoctrination, manipulation, exploitation, sensual deviance alongside general depravity that merely confirms that an immoral Migrant Maze has been unintentionally created and once inside the greasy sleazy boundaries then many have to live with the aftermath because frankly and often degenerately…there seems to be no easy way out!

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