The Prize

A person’s sexuality can be a most personal or sometimes problematical matter and often something of a maturing, internal struggle. It is little understood that the only physical or chemical thing separating the genders is a single, solitary X chromosome within our genetic make-up and therefore – especially while in the formative, teenage years – conflicts or uncertainties in this regard can arise for everyone.
This is particularly the case for juvenile Mike in our story who fatefully has long befriended the beautiful but superior Shelly. They share a warm but fragile relationship that brings them ever closer and quite innocently this grants him the appealing, enticing opportunity to play silly little games of femininely inspired dress up, in the various types of luxuriously sensual lingerie she has, just naturally for their fun and private amusement alone!
This quite properly should or could have all been mere distraction or passing, private mischief between them but she is rich while he is disadvantaged and by improbable destiny, a competition is announced at the High to promote tolerance for the increasingly highlighted current issues regarding transgenderism. Suddenly there is the incredible opportunity for a suitable boy with a certain girlish calling or propensity to gain a free college education by winning the first ever exclusive title or prize of State Miss TG Queen. There is also mention of the surreal but insidious possibility of a full gender change if required, subject of course to the candidate being suitable or willing to take such a final, physical and huge emotional leap.
The emerging couple have for certain talked incessantly about the prospect or dream of going onto further learning together and although Mike resists the idea at first – by determinedly trying to hang on to the man he thought he was – it seems this contest to further his education by demonstrating his female worth is too good a chance to pass up and eventually throws his colourful hat into the proposed, divisive, feminine, most unusual contest or possible circus.
His initial thoughts are purely about the money for tuition fees being paid and of course to stay forever with the lovely and fragrant Shelly through college and maybe beyond, but then almost mystically the allure of the female side – that exists in one inherent form or another in all males of the species – increasingly begins to take hold and leads him on an utterly beguiling and bewitching formative adventure with intriguingly possibly more to follow.
Best-selling Daisy Boon tells it as only she can from Mike, or soon to be Mica’s, (very!) personal point of view. Every delicious, sordid detail is there for your indulgence and delectation; and of course, has you holding on by the painted fingernails on this incredibly seductive roller-coaster of a sexually decadent and deliciously twisted ride.

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