The S Plan Diet

Advancing years and putting on weight goes together like apple pie and ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee, tea and biscuits, streak and chips or any combination of tasty treats that pile on the pounds far too easily.

It is difficult reality to deal with for both genders but for women of a certain maturity the sad sensation of unwanted flab, especially on her thighs and belly – that had once been so subtly slender and inviting for men – is especially painful and difficult to bear or come to terms with.

This is especially true for tubby Tammy, who has nobly given birth then brought up two children – that have now flown the coop – and all she seems to show for this lifetime of maternal effort is a dumpy unappealing body and an even more rotund husband, Benny, who appears content with the sedentary status-quo where everything between them increasingly goes to seed.

Tammy has attempted everything to lose the fat – to no avail – as all the diets or fads she has previously tried have worked for a while before inevitably the will weakens and the rattle of the biscuit tin calls and then…all is lost until the time comes to vainly battle again.

There seems no answer other than to grudgingly accept that the transient flush of experiencing a svelte alluring female form once more will never be recovered until a chance meeting occurs with an old friend who looks as though she has truly found the veritable elixir of youth.

This leads Tammy to the specialised diet centre where a most unusual sullied regime is being practised – if not enforced – and although she does not wish to be disloyal to her partner of so many years the central core or evocative rich essence of this succulent slippery weight-loss plan quickly leaves her no choice if she is to reach her dream of again becoming gorgeous and slim.

As she soon discovers and swiftly adjusts to, a fractional loss of pride or morality is sometimes acceptable if not necessary for the greater good.  

Always inventive high-flying author Emilia Blythe spins a humorous luscious devilishly delicious and totally sordid erotic tale of how – in the endless search to find the elusive way of shedding the pounds – sometimes all any woman really needs is the readily available, often under appreciated, nutrient-rich product to provide the right irresistible decadent creamy incentive. 

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