The Servant- But who is serving who…?

The year is 1912 a few months after the tragic Titanic disaster, truly a fateful time when the world is dangerously perched on the edge of a vast war along with the resultant earth-shattering changes that will follow.

However, nothing as yet has occurred, and the new young Lord Shackleton’s main concern is simply to create fresh heirs with his comely but innocent bride Emma and to promptly replenish the family lineage thus placating his wilful and overbearing mother as well.

But problems abound – given his nervous and uncertain nature – and an opulent three-month honeymoon in Cannes only exacerbates the newlywed’s troubles regarding the primal processes of reproduction before Rupert is forced to take desperate measures.

This centres specifically about the enigmatic, mature black servant Edward who is fortunately if not fatefully on hand in this prettiest of French resorts.

Fertile mental then physical seeds are inadvertently sown for the alteration of social norms or in all reality perhaps merely bringing depraved and decadent goings on out into the open rather than behind tightly closed doors during the often outwardly repressed but forever sensual and perverse Edwardian era.

In truth though, every supposedly genteel and refined society or period has primitive decadence or depravity bubbling beneath the shallow surface and this specific time is no different.

Subsequently – for immature Emma and uncertain Rupert – sensual, sexual debauchery and deviance swiftly ensue that traps them in libidinous mayhem until the lines of gender along with decency, duplicity or even social propriety are surely crossed and quite who is the Master, Mistress or mere servant becomes increasingly unclear.

Best selling Tiggy Mills mixes the erotic pot to boiling point in her unique and illicit way as she graphically reveals that the physical invasion of black or African blood into the noblest of English royal families and aristocracy happened long before the celebrated wedding of our most recent times.

An extraordinary sullied interracially poignant and lurid tale at its extravagantly, depraved arousing and erotic best.

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