The Taming of Tilly

There is an old wives’ tale or perhaps nowadays it is merely a fable that a husband should be master of his wife.

This is along with the distinctly curious idea that the woman should be a trembling nervous virgin on the wedding night at which time the supposedly omnipotent man in the relationship shows his strength and virility before demonstrating powerfully who will be the Boss.

Well this was always the accepted historical, general idea!

However, William is a modern male who treats his pure bride-to-be Matilda – or Tilly as she is known – with the greatest respect and admirably takes on board her unusual distant or passive-aggressive attitude towards him.

This is alongside their barren humbling sensual or sexual relationship which he suffers with great calm and patience knowing inevitably she will conform then play the marital role by ultimately meeting her conjugal obligations.

With the wedding concluded he therefore looks forward to the honeymoon on a distant tropical island where their as yet unrequited passion or love can be finally consummated but fate – or more precisely Tilly’s sister’s subversive instinct for her precocious sibling – takes a dark wicked hand.

Archaically in this distant isolated paradise on earth it seems that the owner of the opulent complex – where they are staying for such a bargain price – has the right to seduce or take comely women or wives that visit for himself; and there seems little either Tilly or William can do to deny or resist him in this lawless environment.

Fortunately, our heroine has a long history of eluding, teasing or demeaning men, and she fully intends to keep her virtue or innocence then give Jerome – Master of all he surveys in this island kingdom – far more than he bargains for because this shrewish girl has no intention of succumbing or surrendering to any mere man!

Will lovely – but demonstrably difficult – Tilly succeed in fending off this base brutish corrupter of women or shall her secret yet unrealised interracial impulses gradually escape their mental or physical bonds to weaken her resolve until she readily then willingly becomes a mere sexual toy?

And if she does will this disturbingly if not reluctantly then develop into a strong irrepressible addiction for predatory black men at the peril then possible cost of her marriage?

As always, with renown best-selling Tiggy Mills, she demonstrates – in specific tawdry dirty detail – that on rare occasion a truly enlightened relationship can sometimes bud then blossom with the wife having what sexual pleasures she yearns for while still retaining control of her often dithering listless but increasingly deviant husband as well.

The only way you can actually know how it all plays out is to pay the small fee of admission then read on and enjoy the slippery sleazy interracial slide then ride into all forms of illicit debauchery.

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