The Venus Syndrome

There was once a perception that all beautiful emerging young women were shy and innocent and only waiting, in their sweet virginity, for a veritable prince of a man to come and save then marry them.

Such ancient unlikely attitudes may still exist today although they certainly do not apply to the fabulous Helen Ashton who – at just turning eighteen – is entirely pure but already knows categorically that the answer to her sensual dreams or possible romantic whims do not include falling pathetically at any man’s feet, even if he happens to be her mother’s mature handsome rich boss, the evocatively named Elias Hector.

The sweet gorgeous girl inevitably catches his roving eye and this superior predatory male thinks she will shortly become just another mark on his bedpost, barely realising what or who he is dealing with till far too late along the winding wicked way.
He foolishly then dangerously draws exquisite Helen, in all her female perfection, into his working lair where most unexpectedly – after some truly decadent interaction – his initial lust soon turns to unrequited love and that’s when his problems really begin.

There is undeniably a huge chasm of experience or status between this sly slip of a girl and the mature man but weirdly it is azure-eyed Helen that dominates from the start of their chance meeting, because she silently possesses the strongest will and is certain that any suitor, whatever his fortune, will need to demonstrate their full commitment, intent, devotion and even moral courage to win her fair hand.

Subsequently humiliating tests and trials are laid down for eager Hector if he wishes to woo then claim his virtuous bride and once – in some misplaced haste – this grubby gauntlet is picked up there is no practical escape for either of them. This is until the entire sullied tawdry story has run its sadistic permissive and steamy course by which time the former omnipotent man finally understands he has been sorely caught inside the oppressive male-suffering world of the mythical mercurial Venus Syndrome.

Daisy Boon invites then entreats you once more into a sullied sexual universe of female discovery and domination – that is her immoral but natural environment – to shockingly explore and most graphically describe for your deviant decadent pleasure

If you have never previously heard about the secretive Venus Syndrome then prepare to be amazed disgusted and shocked to your core because life – addictive as it may become – for the captured worshipful men that become entangled then enslaved in this maelstrom only gets worse the further down the slippery precipice they fall.

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