Therapy…can be revealing…

Often when there are pressing unmentionable but developing sexual problems an older or more experienced head can help, especially regarding the invariably complex troubles between husband and wife.

However, and perhaps understandably, young Ellis Francombe is most reluctant to visit the revered Professor and therapist dealing with such difficult personal and relationship issues but is ultimately forced to because this seems the very last resort if his marriage to lovely fragrant Lilly has any chance of survival.

The troubled husband knows privately that he is confused and conflicted in multiple ways when it comes to matters of intimacy but has no interest or desire to openly – with strangers – reveal, discuss, or confront such divisive matters about his harmless interest and penchants for wearing his wife’s feminine underwear and other more disturbing impulses that are truly private and well hidden beneath the apparently calm surface of his psyche.

But the severe pressure of probably losing Lilly forever forces a delicate hand and sets in motion events which are to utterly transform his life as a man and the shaky partnership with his spouse that are humorously thoughtfully and depravedly detailed by best-selling Daisy Boon, as only she can!

A teasing titillating saga ensues that take Ellis – soon to be Lizzy – along a winding tortuous road to sensuality then femininity and the inevitable humiliation that follows such a wicked twisted path as the main giddy subject of our torrid tale goes through the usual agonising three stages of loss, which is denial, anger then of course, hopefully, acceptance.

It seems unlikely that such a major alteration and adjustment to gender will provide the happy ending for Lizzy that she wants, but under the talented female fingertips of our revered author then you never know because as always, there are more than a few unexpectedly sullied, sleazy surprises, twists, and turns along the salacious way.

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