Tiggy Mills – changing the face of kindle erotica!

Tiggy Mills is an author with the world of kindle erotica at her feet! With her ninth novella due out on the 1st August, she has firmly established herself as the go-to writer for intelligent, literate, well-crafted stories which all have a very strong erotic content.  The former Quaker who at 33 has worked variously as a researcher, barmaid, teaching assistant, photographer’s assistant and Civil Servant, is making a major contribution to the new revolution in erotic writing. She says ‘In the past erotica has been dominated by what we might call “wank-fodder”; that is monotonous and clinical descriptions of various sex acts glued onto a story which is too-often well-worn at best and totally irrelevant at worst. The straightjacket hasn’t been the content, but the formula that erotica imposes – limiting the creativity of the author, and the deeper satisfactions of the reader.’

But things are changing; now we have the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ phenomena. While is often characterised as erotica’s breakthrough’ into the mainstream. But Tiggy has her doubts. ‘What we have with Fifty Shades is erotica moving too far away from its real roots. It seems that in that book erotica has been prettied up, the language sanitised and kinky-sex portrayed in soft-focus. Yes it has been widely-read but for me it is just too safe, too benign, too….bland. For me Erotica – good, quality erotica – should have an edge, it should feel dangerous, take the reader into new areas – challenge and stimulate, perhaps even unsettle and disturb.’

So challenging the reader is Tiggy’s aim? ‘No writer wants to bore the reader. It seems to me that in the wank-fodder-style erotica it is all description and little story, with the soft-focus brigade it is all about packaging sex without the sharp edges. In my writing I try to take the reader into places which might be unfamiliar, or if familiar give them a twist. It is all about keeping the reader engaged and entertained.’

‘Let us be clear’, Tiggy continues. ‘The traditional dominant model of erotica is targeted at men. The action starts when he gets into it and ends when he is done. That is no longer good enough; that is why FSoG sells in such truckloads. At least that book does focus on female desire and what is in sex for the women too.’

‘I like to think that if the story is strong enough, and the ideas behind it original enough the difference between the two formats can be broken down.’

So what Tiggy is aiming to do is to perhaps fuse them both, offer readers a kind of middle-way.’ She becomes animated ‘No, no, no. I think a fusion of those two extremes would be bland and boring, like erotica-by-numbers. What I am trying to do in my writing is offer the reader an altogether more inspiring reading experience.  For me it at starts with the story and the character; done properly the erotic content can arise naturally from those and not need to be grafted on like some spare part. Sex yes, plenty of it, but as a part of the characters and plot.

‘After all the brain is the biggest sex-organ, stimulate that and the rest naturally follows… ‘ She smiles.

Tiggy’s first novel was Twisted Honeymoon,( ‘A Dark and Twisted Story Where a Wife’s Needs Come in Many Forms.)’ This is still to date her biggest seller, although she is at pains to point out that the others are not far behind. ‘It was pure word of mouth which gave it the sales it achieved and is still achieving.; people finding it, reading it and recommending it. It was a straightforward snowball effect.’ This was followed by Wife Switch (‘A marriage slides into depravity…’), Sin ‘n’ Sun Holidays Exposed ‘(Debauchery, Depravity and Total Excess’), Going through the Change (‘Alone, Exploited & Abused….but tables can turn…’), The Guru (‘Spiritual enlightenment or sexual domination?’), Double-D French Teacher (‘A blackmailed teacher story’), Just a Wager (Domination, sexual power, erotic discovery) and The Judgement ‘(A rape trial, injustice, sexual degradation and revenge’).

Her new novel ‘Mobile Seduction’ explores a very intense sexual relationship and asks the question where is the line drawn between deviant sex and love. Tiggy says, ‘This is the book I have been most pleased with, the one that perhaps best represents where I want to be as a writer, as well as being the one I had the most fun writing.’

Details of all Tiggy’s books, as well as links to download locations can be found HERE.