About Us

Tantalus-Press is the UK’s leading independent digital publisher.

Top Kindle Erotica. Compared to the more established companies Tantalus-Press is very much an ‘independent publisher’. To us this isn’t a disadvantage.

In fact, we are more than simply independent, we are niche; geared to the satisfaction of one particular market; quality erotica with a proper story and a focus on dark, twisted perversity.

Unlike other net-publishers of ‘erotica’, we do not have to spread ourselves thinly and attempt to satisfy every taste in the known universe. We don’t need to be purveyors to all tastes, we would rather be specialised on one. This is our major edge. Because we are not chasing the ‘mass market’, but a more descerning public, we don;’t have to opt for a safety-first mentality, so we don’t lose sleep over censorship. Let’s make that clear: censorship is not our bag.

Therefore, all the material published by Tantalus-Press share similar roots in being darkly perverse. Of course it is possible to have diversity in perversity, but all share that essential aspect of being…shall we say ‘on the wild side?’

So we are not aiming to be everyone’s cup of stimulant, but we aim to set ourselves up as the go-to guys for erotica-with-a-difference.

Just because erotica is erotica, dark and twisted or straight-as-a-bi, that doesn’t mean it should not have a story! Who wants to read the same old plain and plodding descriptions of sex? Read one, you really have read them all.

We take a pride that our stories/books are well written, they have a developing narrative-thread, but that thread will be woven around a theme of perverse erotica.

Yes, Tantalus-Press stands outside the sexual establishment. Well outside it in some cases. In fact there are those who wish we and our admittedly minority tastes would simply go away. Well, we will not. We have the support of a dedicated team of authors and editors, and a steadily growing and loyal readership.

We do not care what the mainstream may think, we are only interested in publishing stories/books which stimulate and satisfy on a number of different levels.

We have no men or women in suits to tell us what to do. We do what we believe is right for our readership. We publish books because we believe in the content. We don’t pander to the popular. Quite the reverse.

We’re a small, independent publishing house. We publish books we believe in; books we want to publish and which we hope that our readers will want to read.

That’s what we think publishing is all about.


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